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  • To be able to Digitize you need to use an AT/RI Digitizer. This adds the Digitizer to your Workbench.
  • The Digitizer starts with a resource level of zero. Digitizing an item raises the resource level, up to a maximum of 100,000.
  • The number of resource units gained is the autosell value.
    • Items with "digital" as part of their name give double their autosell digits.
  • In any run with pulls, the top 2 recipes are available on day 1, the next 2 on day 2, and so on until day 6 when all recipes are available. For unavailable recipes the price shown is "N/A - blueprints missing".
  • Except for hunk of scrap metal which cannot be digitized, every item that can be recyclonized can be digitized.
    In addition, items with an auto-sell below 10 can also be digitized as long as they respect all the other conditions. See details there.
    Every item that comes out of the Pouch of Many Lost Things, A.R.F. VIP card or Subscriber's Exclusive jacket also can't be digitized.
    Same goes for Scubby brand buffalo snax, warrior hologram and wolf bait.
  • The Digitizer resource level is reset to zero with every new Retcon run.

The Digitizer

When the Digitizer is empty:

Your digitizer is currently empty. Perhaps you should digitize some items so you'll have enough digits to assemble new things from those digits? As the sticker says, you take careful note that this will surely and irrevocably destroy anything put into it.

When the Digitizer is not empty:

Your digitizer currently contains N digits. (Maximum capacity 100,000.)

When the resource level is at least 100:

Would you like to have it print out an item for you with some of those digits?

(only items you have enough resources to create are shown)

velocipede's toadstool Toadstool.gif 100 units
frog-scorpion fish Scorpion-frog-fish.gif 200 units
recognizer bot Recognizer.gif 200 units
two-bitter heart Two-bitter-heart.gif 300 units
digger's mask Digitizer-mask.gif 300 units
body fuel tank Fuel2.gif 400 units
kablammo kabomb Kablammo-kabomb.gif 400 units
robot berserker Robot-berserker.gif 500 units
Tanzanian cola Digital-soda.gif 600 units
hollow seahorse-duck Seahorse.gif 700 units
warlord's helmet Warlords-hat.gif 1000 units
combative 'tank' top Tank-top2.gif 1000 units
barrel full of monkeys (monkeys not included) Barrel.gif 1000 units
crumbling shield Digitizer-shield.gif 1000 units
command chopper Command-chopper.gif 5000 units

quantity: # [ Create now ]

Digitize the following items:
<List of items and resource units>
quantity: #
all but one
[ Digitize it! ]


Adding a special item (see below):
Wow, there seem to be a whole lot of extra digits in this item. You place the X <items> in front of the Digitizer's scanner. Laser blasts slice, dice, and eventually vaporize the material, converting everything into Y digits, for a sum of Z digits.

Adding an item:
You place the X <items> in front of the Digitizer's scanner. Laser blasts slice, dice, and eventually vaporize the material, converting everything into Y digits, for a sum of Z digits.

If adding an item will raise the resource level over 100,000:
The digitizer can only hold 100,000 units of material. You're already at X and Y would be too many more.

Trying to add more of an item than you have:
You don't have as many of those items as you'd like to use. You're trying to digitize X, but you only have Y.

Trying to make more of an item than you have resources for:
You get X for Y units. You don't have enough units to make that item.

If you somehow manage to enter an item which cannot be Digitized:
Missing Message