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Item Number: 1479
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AT/RI Digitizer
Plural: AT/RI Digitizers
The AT/RI Digitizer is an innovative device that, once installed in your hideout, can scan and disassemble objects into their component parts, known as "digits." Once the Digitizer has stored up enough digits it can use them as raw materials to assemble new items from those digits.

In case you're curious, AT/RI stands for "Advanced Technology/Really Interesting." Now you're probably regretting that curiosity, because the answer itself just isn't that interesting.

January 2011 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

  • When used, installs a Digitizer as a permanent fixture in your hideout.
  • Digitizers convert old items into new, usable items through the amazing process of first digitizing them and then reassembling the digits.
  • Digitizers cannot be removed from the hideout after being installed.
  • Digitizers cannot be accessed in no-pulls runs, have progressive access in runs with pulls, and have full access when there are no pull restrictions.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

When Used

If you don't have one installed:

When you open the Digitizer's box, all that you see is a very small 3-D printer. You plug it in and press the button. The first thing it prints out is a larger 3-D printer. Which prints out an even larger 3-D printer. The large printer consumes the two smaller ones for raw materials to print out a laser scanner, a disassembly unit, a computer interface with a data connection to the home server, and a set of mounting brackets and shelf space for components to be printed to and assembled.

If you have one installed:

You've already got a Digitizer installed, so you don't need another one.

Other Uses

Enables the Digitizer in your Workbench


  • When bought: You trade in your 10 silver stars for an AT/RI Digitizer.


  • The item's name refers to Atari. The image is also somewhat reminiscent of Atari's logo.

Item of the Month
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January 2011
AT/RI Digitizer
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