Golem arm

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Item Number: 1854
Description ID: 31298689
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golem arm
Plural: my preciousssssses
The golem was a being from Jewish folklore, created by a rabbi out of mud as a silent guardian or physical laborer, depending on the tale. It's since been appropriated in all sorts of ways, but they're still inanimate beings given life, generally through magic.

These arms harken back to the whole "mud man" thing, giving you an increased connection with the world around you. Well, the ground, more specifically. You know; dirt.

Power: 9
Level Required: 8
Autosell value: 60
Can be welded

Doubles chance of stun using Groundquake
+5 defense

How Obtained

Using Metalmorph with cast arm cast

Other Uses


  • Refers to golems from Jewish folklore.
  • However, the plural refers to Gollum from J.R.R. Tolkien's writings.