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Resting Options

If you are the holder of the Plush Recliner of Wisdom:

  • You hold the Plush Recliner of Wisdom. Resting takes 30 seconds less time, and all PP gains are doubled.

If you are the holder of the Oaken Bench of Might:

  • You hold the Oaken Bench of Might. Resting takes 30 seconds less time, and all HP gains are tripled.

If you are the holder of the Mink Seat of Justice:

  • You hold the Mink Seat of Justice. Resting takes 30 seconds less time, all HP gains are tripled and PP gains are doubled.

If you wear a night cap:

  • You are wearing a night cap, which will restore an additional 5 PP whatever way you choose to rest.

If you have either lost remote control or long-lost remote control in your inventory:

Rest with a Remote*
Restores full HP and 1/4 of max PP. You have N remotes.
(X minutes.)
[Use the Remote]

If you have a deluxe Lux Leather chair in your inventory:

Lux Leather
Resting in the deluxe Lux Leather chair is like normal resting, but restores an extra 100 HP.
(X minutes.)
[Lux Relax]

If you have a Wiggum wigwam in your inventory:

Resting in the Wiggum wigwam is like normal resting, but restores an extra 50 PP.
(X minutes.)
[Wigwam Nap]

If you have a mattress in your inventory:

Resting on the mattress is like normal resting, but restores an extra 50 HP.
(X minutes.)
[Use Mattress]

If you have the two-bitter heart in your inventory:

Heal with a Heart*
Like normal resting, with +50% HP gains and gives XP. You have N hearts.
(X minutes.)
[Hold the Heart]

If you have the sloth's hammock in your inventory:

Resting on the hammock is like normal resting, but also grants XP.
(X minutes.)
[Hang the Hammock]

If you have the RNG swing in your inventory:

Swing Low, Sweet Hero*
Double normal resting, and also gives XP. You have N swing.
(X minutes.)
[Swing on a Star]

If you have the yeti yurt in your inventory:

Yurt, Yurt, Yurt*
Faster rest. You have N yurts.
(X minutes.)
[Swing on a Star]

If you have the Drowsiness effect:

Drowse Deeply
Resting while drowsy restores 1/2 of max HP and PP, but takes a full 5 minutes.
(5 minutes.)
[Drowse Nows]

If you have both the Rank and Musty Daze and Fire Shield effects active:

Shire Field
Resting in your shire field... fire shield heals more than normal resting and cures injuries.
(X minutes.)
[Shire Field]

If you have the brick outhouse in your inventory:

Brick Outhouse
Resting in the brick outhouse is like normal resting, but grants some XP.
(X minutes.)
[Hang Out]

If you have the mere in your inventory:

Merely Resting*
Heals additional HP and PP. You have N meres.
(X minutes.)
[Rest by the Mere]

If you have the yule shed in your inventory:

Yule be well-rested*
Bonus HP and PP. You have N shed.
(X minutes.)
[Rest by the Mere]


Rest Normally
Just relax for a bit.
(X minutes.)
[Just Chill]

* Resting with a starred item consumes it.

Resting Messages

  • Normal messages:
    • A friend calls you on your cell phone, and you take a break from patrolling to chat for a bit.
    • You rest for a while to re-energize.
    • You spend some time reading a pocket paperback and feel recharged.
    • You stop in at a convenience store for a light snack and a bottle of water. You feel refreshed.
    • You take a seat on a park bench and practice some light meditation.
  • With a remote:
    • Sweet Relaxation You stop by your hideout to rest for a minute. Remembering the remote control you've been carrying around, you dig it out and watch some television. It's far more satisfying than watching television without a remote. FAR more.
Unfortunately, after a few minutes of use the aura from your super powers shorts out the remote. Weird. Ah, well, it was nice while it lasted.
  • Drowsing:
    • You stop by your hideout to rest for a minute, but your extreme drowsiness causes to fall into a brief but exceptionally deep sleep. When you wake you feel completely refreshed.
  • In Lux Leather:
    • You kick back in the Lux Leather deluxe chair, soaking up all that powerful leather goodness.
  • In a Wigwam:
    • You curl up in your Wiggum wigwam for a nice wittle west. It's vewy welaxing.
  • On a mattress:
    • You stretch out on your overstuffed mattress and let your troubles drift away.
  • Holding the Heart:
    • You take a moment to rest, holding the heart close to your chest. The heart is as invigorating as any video game trope, but the wave of bitterness is fierce. You relax as it starts to fade and then, no, there's another wave. You toss the heart away in disgust, but gradually start to feel better. You walk away from the experience both stronger and wiser, which is about the best that could be asked for, and uncannily poetic. You gain X XP.
  • Hanging the Hammock:
    • You stretch out in your incredibly comfortable hammock, and briefly imagine tropic breezes and umbrella drinks. Your mind wanders creatively. You gain X XP.
  • Swinging on a Star:
    • You tie the swing up to a nearby tree and have yourself a little sit. Like anything else you might have done in kindergarten, the experience is highly educational. When you're done you decide to leave the swing behind as a neighborhood improvement project. You gain X XP.
  • Shire Field:
    • You rest in the warm shire field... fire shield and soak in the simple contentment.
  • Merely Resting:
    • You kick back next to your mere and take a refreshing nap. By the time you finish, your mere has evaporated into the dry night air.
  • Yule be well-rested:
    • You kick back in your shed. It's like a sauna, except instead of having some coals, it's just on fire.
      By the time you're done resting, there's only enough left of your beautiful shed to use as a baseball bat.
      You got an item: yule bat Yulebat.gif
  • Hang Out:
    • You grab some magazines and head over to your outhouse, avoiding the hustle and bustle of your hideout for a few minutes and gaining X XP.
  • When you are the holder of the Plush Recliner of Wisdom:
    • You thoughtfully relax for a while on the Plush Recliner of Wisdom.
  • When you are the holder of the Oaken Bench of Might:
    • You sit in firm comfort on the Oaken Bench of Might.
  • When you are the holder of the Mink Seat of Justice:
    • You sit in regal repose on the Mink Seat of Justice.


  • You gain X hit points. You gain Y power points.


  • On average, resting will give you 4*Level HP and PP, capping at 40 HP and PP at 10th level.
  • Resting for a turn requires 5 minutes for a 1st level hero, but decreases by 30 seconds at every 4th level (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th) down to a minimum of 2:30 per rest. Resting times are unaffected by Time modifiers.
Level Time taken
1-3 5 min.
4-7 4:30 min.
8-11 4 min.
12-15 3:30 min.
16-19 3 min.
20- 2:30 min.
  • If you have both lost remote controls and long-lost remote controls in your inventory, a lost remote control is consumed.
  • In the case of the Shire Field the HP and PP regained caps at 80. What injuries it can heal are also unknown.
  • Holding the Heart gives XP in the amount of (10-floor(Level/4))*Level, with minimum 5*Level.
  • Swinging on a Star gives XP in the amount of 10*Level.
  • Hanging the Hammock gives XP in ammount of 7*Level.
  • Yurt, Yurt, Yurt reduces the resting time by 3 minutes, with a minimum resting duration of 1 minute.
  • Trying to rest when your bed time is less time away than the number of minutes required for resting results in:

Can't Rest, Too Tired

I know it sounds silly, but you're too tired to rest right now. In other words, as exhausted as you are, if you sat down now you'd fall asleep and then wake up to find yourself robbed and--even worse--possibly murdered. You've got to go home now or you're not going to make it through the work day tomorrow. You don't want to get fired, do you?

  • Trying to rest after 7:00 AM on any day but Frayday results in:

Can't Rest, Gotta Work

Sadly, you don't have time to rest right now. Work starts in an hour, and you've got to get home and get cleaned up. If you wanted to sit around resting, you should have thought about that before staying up all night playing with your friends. "Playing" being code for "saving the city" and "with your friends" meaning "from evil."