Long-lost remote control

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Item Number: 384
Description ID: 8917929
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long-lost remote control
Plural: long-lost remote controls
Whatever you do with this thing, do not point this at your significant other in the middle of a heated discussion and use it to try to change the channel. It's only going to have the opposite effect.

Comes from February 2008 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 5

Can be used as a resting tool.

How Obtained

Having someone use a lost remote control on you:

<User name> just returned an item that they think used to belong to you.

Included item: long-lost remote control (quantity 1) Lost-remote.gif

When Used

You take the batteries out of the remote control, so that it doesn't go off while you're adventuring and change the channels of innocent standerby. Yeah, you're heroically considerate, too.

You got an item: batteryless long-lost remote control Lost-remote.gif

Using multiple: Same as single use

Other Uses

Can be used while Resting to restore full HP and 1/4 of max PP.

Pouch of Many Lost Things
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Item When Returned Effect
lost sock Sockin' it to 'Em +10 melee damage
lost remote control long-lost remote control Restores full HP and 1/4 PP when resting
lost toy Waxing Nostalgic 4% of weapon damage returned as PP
lost phone In Communicado +5 XP/turn
lost soul Tangled Up in Two +2% chance of weapon fumbles
+5 damage absorption
+25% psychic resistance
lost wallet Strong Sense of Self +10% to all stats
lost keys Life in the Song of Keys +8% item drops