Pouch of Few Lost Things

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Item Number: 380
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Pouch of Few Lost Things
Plural: Pouches of Few Lost Things
It is a well-recognized but little-understood aspect of daily life that certain small things tend to just disappear now and then. Most normal people assume they've been dropped or misplaced, and in many cases that's the truth. But the preponderance of human fallibility disguises another, subtler, aspect of the universe, which is that sometimes these things simply fall through spontaneous wormholes into pocket dimensions, never to be seen again.

What you see here is a pouch that has been tied to one of those pocket dimensions. In any given day a handful of items will fall into it from other locations, which you can pluck out and put to use. It's not a very big pocket, though, and fills up quickly.

This pouch contains a few items.

February 2008 Item of the Month

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+3% item drops

How Obtained

Using a Pouch of Several Lost Things.

When Used

You reach into the Pouch of Lost Things and grab the first thing you can get your hands on.

You got an item: lost sock Lost-sock.gif
You got an item: lost remote control Lost-remote.gif
You got an item: lost toy Lost-toy.gif
You got an item: lost phone Lost-cell.gif
You got an item: lost soul Lost-soul.gif
You got an item: lost wallet Lost-wallet.gif
You got an item: lost keys Lost-key.gif

The pouch feels lighter now. You got an item: Pouch of a Couple Lost Things Pouch-lost-things.gif


Pouch of Many Lost Things
Pouch of Several Lost Things | Pouch of Few Lost Things | Pouch of a Couple Lost Things | Pouch of One Lost Thing | Pouch of No Lost Things
Item When Returned Effect
lost sock Sockin' it to 'Em +10 melee damage
lost remote control long-lost remote control Restores full HP and 1/4 PP when resting
lost toy Waxing Nostalgic 4% of weapon damage returned as PP
lost phone In Communicado +5 XP/turn
lost soul Tangled Up in Two +2% chance of weapon fumbles
+5 damage absorption
+25% psychic resistance
lost wallet Strong Sense of Self +10% to all stats
lost keys Life in the Song of Keys +8% item drops

Item of the Month
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Roderick's Gloves
Roderick's Boots
February 2008
Pouch of Many Lost Things
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Virtual Reality helmet