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Item Number: 371
Description ID: 8921036
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lost keys
Plural: lost keys
This just might be the key to your heart. More likely it's a key to a regular mechanical lock, though.

Comes from February 2008 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 5

How Obtained

Using a Pouch of Many Lost Things or its derivatives.

When Used

You think you remember what this key is supposed to go to--wasn't it a safe deposit box at the bank? There might be something valuable left in there. Holding the key firmly in your fingertips, you stride down the street toward the bank. You suddenly get a little nervous, though, as you're walking across one of those metal grates in the sidewalk. You wouldn't want to drop the key now! But, in an absurd moment, as you try to transfer the key from your fingertips to your pocket, it snags on the cloth and slips out of your grasp. In astonishment you watch the key fall to the grate, bounce with a ping, and then fall through, clanking and ringing as it bounces deep into the city's belly. Sorrowfully you admit the key is gone, but you can still hear it ringing in your mind. You get an effect, Life in the Song of Keys. (Added for 60 minutes.)

Using multiple: Same as single use

When Returned through [return to owner]

You find <player> and give them the lost key. They seem exceptionally happy to see them. You buff <player> with Life in the Song of Keys.

You feel really good about giving back that lost item. The smile on <player>'s face just made your day. It gives you a nice, warm feeling. You get an effect, Toasty Heart. (Added for 30 minutes.)

Trying to return the item to yourself:
You start to return this lost item to yourself, but then you realize: this is not your beautiful house, this is not your beautiful lost item. By definition, if it's in your possession and it's lost, then it can't belong to you. Thus you can't return it to yourself, or it wouldn't be lost. Ergo, lost items must be returned to other people, who, by definition, are the only ones for whom this lost item might become found. Comprende?

Effect on Receiver:

<sender> has buffed you with Life in the Song of Keys.
They return your lost key. You get an effect, Life in the Song of Keys. (Added for 60 minutes.)
You're pleased someone would return your lost belongings instead of selling it on eBay. Your whole heart feels full and warm: ventricles, atria, cockles, and all. (Added for 15 minutes.)

Gives effect: Toasty Heart

Pouch of Many Lost Things
Pouch of Several Lost Things | Pouch of Few Lost Things | Pouch of a Couple Lost Things | Pouch of One Lost Thing | Pouch of No Lost Things
Item When Returned Effect
lost sock Sockin' it to 'Em +10 melee damage
lost remote control long-lost remote control Restores full HP and 1/4 PP when resting
lost toy Waxing Nostalgic 4% of weapon damage returned as PP
lost phone In Communicado +5 XP/turn
lost soul Tangled Up in Two +2% chance of weapon fumbles
+5 damage absorption
+25% psychic resistance
lost wallet Strong Sense of Self +10% to all stats
lost keys Life in the Song of Keys +8% item drops