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  • Most adventures in Twilight take five minutes to play. However, time costs can be discounted with several game mechanics found on this page. Since discounted time is a bonus, negative values are preferred to positive ones for this mechanic.
  • Turn duration cannot go below 4 minutes, but some very rare effects(two, currently) can give back already used time and thus are not affected by this limit.
  • Amounts for Skills are affected by S, the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested in the skill.
Source Source type Increase (seconds) Duration Requirements Notes
Prepunctuality Software -30/-45, occasionally Triggers after turn is spent, giving back already used time.
Obtained from GigantoFirm LookOut Calendar
Heroic Efficiency Passive Skill -30 Always
Overclocked Item -15 120 minutes Level 6 Obtained from overclocking chip
spy tux Full-body suit -15 Always +10% dodging ability
+10% to initiative
three-speed bicycle shorts (high gear) Pants -15 Always Level 10 +5 damage absorption
Regenerates PP as a function of level
Race car driver Sidekick -1*Level, cap -15 Full-time Enabled by using The 'Swift and ...' trilogy
letter shirt Shirt -0.5*Level, cap -15 Always +10% Intellect
+10% fire resistance
+10% ice resistance
armored pegasus Transportation -10 Always Level 12 Grants wearer the ability to fly
foxy caped suit Full-body suit -10 Always Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
+5% Reflexes

+10% to hit
Chance of stunning opponents if you win initiative

Hammer Melee weapon -10 Always Level 30 Successful hit weakens opponents (by 8 points)
+20% Strength
+5% chance of enemy fumbles
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
micromillipants Pants -10 Always Level 20 +10 foe toughness
multiversal gong Offhand Item -10 Always Attacker takes +10% sonic damage upon successful hit.
Stunning reverb
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
Prefontane's shoes Boots -10 Always Level 10
Robe of 'Umr At-Tawil Full-body suit -10 Always Level 50 Limited immortality 3 times/day.
+10% Strength
+10% Intellect
+10% Reflexes
the Parachutist's pants Pants -10 Always +10% dodging ability
Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
Parachute Drop (super jump with a melee weapon in combat)
three-speed bicycle shorts (second gear) Pants -10 Always Level 5 +10 to hit
Regenerates HP as a function of level
Universal Unitard of Ultimate Utility Full-body suit -10 Always Level 10 +5% Strength
+5% Intellect
+5% Reflexes
+3 XP per combat
VHF-1 Exosuit Full-body suit -10 Always +15 Strength
+20 defense
xentrium breastplate Shirt -10 Always Level 9
xentrium breeches Pants -10 Always Level 10
xentrium helm Helmet -10 Always Level 14
xentrium shield Offhand Item -10 Always Level 10
archron's staff Melee weapon -5 Always Level 7 +10 spell damage
Blockee ATV Transportation -5 Always Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
Grants wearer the ability to breathe under water
You find Blockees in the weirdest places
cashmere mobius scarf Accessory -5 Always Level 5
chronatomic clock Accessory -5 Always Level 10 Infinitesimally increased odds of finding an ultra-rare.
Moderately increased odds of finding nonseizium.
Claw Melee weapon -5 Always Level 15 +20% chance of critical hits
+12 Melee damage
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
datapants Pants -5 Always Level 6 +5 XP per combat
DjeLorean Transportation -5 Always
Eon drive Transportation -5 Always +5% chips
Occasionally drops eon points
Grants deja vu the longer it's been in the family
Eon prime Transportation -5 Always +5% chips
Grants wearer the ability to fly
Occasionally drops eon points
Grants deja vu the longer it's been in the family
hammer time Melee weapon -5 Always Level 6 +3 Melee Damage
master's yo-yo Melee weapon -5 Always +10% defense
Unlocks the Power of Yo
Nutcracker's hat Helmet -5 Always Cracks Nuts
Prevents bad injuries
+10% chance of critical hits
paint-splattered cap Helmet -5 Always Paint your way out of any situation... well, at least seven situations
Queen of the Apocalypse Accessory -5 Always Level 7 +5% chance of critical hits
Ring of Solis Accessory -5 Always Level 70 Grants invisibility (chat effect).
+5% resistance to all elements
+10 psychic damage
+40 to maximum HP
+40 to maximum PP
+10% Intellect
Sceptre of 'Umr At-Tawil Melee weapon -5 Always Level 50 Can use a disintegration beam 10 times/day.
+10% Strength
+10% Intellect
+10% Reflexes
Seppia's cephalopod skullcap Helmet -5 Always +5 ice damage
Allows the use of SQUID discs
Grants wearer the ability to breathe under water
Regenerates PP as a function of level
shoehorn Accessory -5 Always Level 5
Somber's Fedora Helmet -5 Always Level 13 +13% to your maximum Power Points
+5% chance of spell critical hits
+1 skill point(s) applied to combat skills
Synesthesia's synergistic gloves Gloves -5 Always +5% chips
Set bonus: Grants synesthetic powers in a synergistic way
The Murk's Silk Shirt Shirt -5 Always Level 9 +10 spell damage
Using skills costs -1 PP
three-speed bicycle shorts (first gear) Pants -5 Always +10 dodging ability
Gain XP as a function of level
tin medal Accessory -5 Always Level 11 +10 to maximum HP
+5 weapon damage
Treader of the Dust's Sandals Boots -5 Always Level 55 +10 PP per turn
Increased chance of combat adventures.
+10 Weapon damage (ranged or melee)
xentrium boots Boots -5 Always Level 7
xentrium gauntlets Gloves -5 Always Level 14
Vortex cycle Transportation -5 Always +20% to initiative
Zeno's bow Ranged weapon -5 Always Level 6 +1 extra attack(s) per turn
Aerodynamic Vehicle Gadgeteer Skill +30 - 3*S 30-50 minutes Level 9 Extends vehicle range by one
Duration depends on Improved Tinkering
Old Man Walking Item +10 120 minutes Obtained from tormented soles
+5 HP regen/turn
+5 PP regen/turn
PKD'd Effect +10 35 minutes Gained from *@=g3,8d\&fbb=-q/hk%fg
+20% XP per combat
Detachment Psion Skill +20 - S 30 minutes Level 14 +20% + S% damage absorption
lead dirigible Transportation +20 Always
magic truck vehicle Transportation +30 Always
remainder cell phone Offhand Item +30 Always +13% XP per combat

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