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master's yo-yo
Plural: master's yos of Yo
There's a lot said about the humble yo-yo, usually about how it was an ancient tribal weapon or how it's just a child's toy (what a world). What most people don't know is that it's actually a meditation on life and the experiences we all have. When the yo-yo is in your hand, it's like you being safe at home. You then go out into the world where there could be danger or confusion, always wanting to return to where it's safe. It's like a koan.

Meditation upon these truths is an on-going process, designed to help one achieve true internalization and happiness. This is known as being in a State of Yo. To achieve a State of Yo is to be at peace, both with being safe and with being out in the dangerous world. And with practice, after reaching that State of Yo, one can truly become a Master of Yo.

Brothers and sisters, lemmie hear you say, "Yo!"

June 2014 Item of the Month

Melee weapon (Whips and flexible)
Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+10% defense
-5 seconds to the duration of each turn***
Unlocks the Power of Yo

*** Maximum time benefit of -60 seconds, total, including Heroic Efficiency.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

During combat, grants exclusive Openings:

  • The Sleeper builds up spin for your other Yo openings. It also really annoys your enemies. (1st round of all fights)
charging up to 1 second spin:
You spin out your yo-yo and let it take a nap. This infuriates <foe> into a sputtering rage, but you get enough spin you could probably do an Around the Thing. And, when you're in the State of Yo, that's what really matters.
charging spin from 2 to 5 seconds:
You spin out your yo-yo and let it take a nap. This infuriates <foe> into a sputtering rage, but <number> seconds of spin should give you plenty of time for some great tricks.
charging spin for 6 seconds and beyond:
You spin out your yo-yo and let it take a nap. This infuriates <foe> into a sputtering rage, but even it must admit <number> seconds is a crazy amount of spin.

  • Around the Thing consumes your spin for a little physical damage... maybe even some other damage if you can go far enough. (After using The Sleeper, needs 1 second spin)
up to Range 3:
With a deft flick of your wrist, you send your yo-yo to circumnavigate the district and smack the jellyfish bot in the back for X damage.
Range 4 and beyond:
With a deft flick of your wrist, you send your yo-yo to circumnavigate the region. It comes back chilled by the cold desert night and smacks <foe> in the back for X + X1 damage.

  • Brain Scrambler consumes your spin for a bind mending... er, mind bending opening that heals and can stun. (After using The Sleeper, needs 2 seconds spin)
You perform a bind mending yo-yo trick, feeling better than if you'd just been healed by a quintet of clerics. Wait... mind bending? Then where did these Y HP come from?
And why does <foe> look so confused?

  • Walk the Sidekick uses your spin to make your sidekick more effective this combat. (After using The Sleeper, needs 3 seconds spin)
Although it's probably demeaning to attach your yo-yo to your sidekick, it allows the power of Yo to flow through them. You gain an effect: Walked Sidekick

  • Split the Atom is a sweet yo-yo trick that uses your spin to sever the bonds holding nuclei together. It's pretty rad. (After using The Sleeper, needs 4 seconds spin)
There's this really neat trick you swing your yo-yo around on two fingers. That's not this.
This is using the raw power of Yo to overpower the strong nuclear force and send chunks of atoms flying everywhere, dealing your opponent Z damage and bathing you in Z1 PP of refreshing radiation.

  • Pentapeony of Power converts your spin into a display of pure Yo. It's sure to send your foe on the path of righteousness and not, say, make them come back more powerful than you could possibly imagine. (After using The Sleeper, needs 5 seconds spin)
using on foes that can't be replicated:
It's probably best if you don't show <foe> your full power. They'll become an overwhelming force of downswing Yo to balance out your upswing Yo, returning more powerful than you can possibly imagine... provided you have a very limited imagination.
using on foes that can be replicated:
You unleash the full power of Yo in one floral display, showing the <foe> the true path of yo-yo mastery. Unfortunately, there is an upswing and a downswing to every Yo, and they choose the downswing.
That's going to come back to haunt you.
next turn the foe will be replicated with the name "transcendent <foe>" and the following line will be displayed before it's description:
Cloaked in a glowing aura of transcendent Yo, <foe> rises from the ashes of defeat (or the not-burnt-stuff of undefeat, as the case may be).

The usual Whips and Flexible Weapons messages are replaced by the following:


  • excellent, young apprentice! You have struck a fine blow to an enemy of Yo! See how the number X floats above his head!
  • while a true Master of Yo would never raise a hand in anger, you are still learning. Incidentally, you learned to hurt <foe> for X damage!
  • being in a State of Yo means others will help. Like here, your fellow citizens just threw X broken bottles at your foe!
  • when one is in a State of Yo, one is an object of love and adoration. Look! You foe is attacking himself for you! And hitting for X damage!
  • while a true Master of Yo never advocates violence, the <foe> did just insult yo-yos. Go ahead and bop him in the nose X times.


  • your string was too long, apprentice. Now you have scuffed your yo-yo on the ground. Tsk tsk.
  • string tricks are most easily done with a butterfly, young Apprentice of Yo. Leave the fancy stuff to the Masters.
  • to achieve a State of Yo, one must be prepared. That includes string maintenance. Now go grab your yo-yo before it rolls into the street.
  • the next time you wish to do string tricks, young apprentice, don't have your fingers covered in grease.
  • you allowed your string to get all twisted up. One will never achieve Yo with a tangled string.


  • Fumble! While attempting an awesome looping attack, you misjudge the distances and end up conking yourself on the head. You humiliate yourself for X damage.


  • you obtain a such a deep and powerful State of Yo that it just blasts out of you like a crazy anime aura. Your enemy doesn't know what hit them, but they know it was about X levels of advanced Yo.


  • The Sleeper increases FT equal to double the foe's level.
  • X is round((1+Range)* 4-6). X1 is round(X/2) and foe weaknesses/resistances apply. Infinite range is considered to be range 10. Additional sources of range stack.
  • Y is 2-3*Level capped at level 15. Brain Scrambler stuns the foe in the round it is used.
  • Z is 3-4.5*Level capped at level 15 and foe weaknesses/resistances apply. Z1 is equal to Z.
  • Look here for details on how replication works.
  • When bought: The shopkeeper takes your 10 silver stars and heads into the back, walking the dog... err, yo-yo back to the counter for you. He shows you a few tricks, a tiny sliver of the atom-splitting power of Yo, before entrusting yo-yo to you.


  • The description refers to the Yo-Yo Man, a character played by Tom Smothers of the Smothers Brothers. See here for more information.
  • The Pentapeony of Power opening contains references to a quote by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

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