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Whips and Flexible Weapons use the following messages:

Hit Messages

  • as you might expect, we have a Devo joke for this weapon. That's right, we're gonna watch you work it. Work it out for X damage.
  • snap! Crack! It may not be the best weapon, but you soundly lash your foe for X damage.
  • you lash out several times, at the sound of your <weapon>, a badly dubbed martial artist thinks he should be attacking, so he punches your opponent for X damage.
  • you whirl your <weapon>'s lash(es) over your head before bringing your arm sharply down and whipping your opponent for X damage.
  • imitating your favorite adventurer (and not his greaser son), you whip your opponent for X loudly cracking points of damage.

Miss Messages

  • you try to whip you opponent (whip it good!), but you're not used to this thing and you fall a little short.
  • you crack your whip several times and snap it out towards your opponent, but it just makes more noise.
  • you snap and lash but misjudge the distances, only lightly caressing your opponent as opposed to hurting them.
  • you get too wrapped up in showing off how cool you are, snapping an insect out of thin air. Too bad you were focusing more on that than attacking.
  • you lash out with your <weapon> but find that it's gotten all tangled up in itself.

Fumble Message

Fumble! A <weapon> is very dangerous if you aren't fully skilled with them. When you pull back to strike, you accidentally lash your own back for X damage.

Critical Hit Message

triumphant music seems to swell in the background as you lash out with your <weapon>, holding your opponent in place so you can slug them. Between the two, you critically injure your foe for X damage!