Ice cool whip

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Item Number: 2162
Description ID: 59309118
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ice cool whip
Plural: ice cool whips
Thanks to superheroes, whips spend a surprisingly large amount of time in the public eye. Although whips aren't necessarily the most practical weapons, their myriad uses in subduing foes in awesome but technically non-violent ways have earned them a place in the Hall of Cool.

The fact that this one is literally covered in frost is just a bonus pun.

Melee weapon (Whips and flexible)
Power: 167
Level Required: 15
Autosell value: 500

Successful hit weakens opponents (by 10 points).
+20% spell damage on ice spells
Cool as Ice

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif frostbite whip ice cool hairgel
Equals.gif ice cool whip