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Rakes-trowel.gif This page contains some non specific data which NEEDS SPADING:
At least confirmation on almost everything
  • This adds ice damage do your attacks, but only if you have at least two sources of the effect. Each equipped item or effect counts as one source.
  • Eaten iceberg lettuce doesn't count as a source, and only adds damage if there already are two sources.
  • When you have at least two sources, Cool as ice item descriptions changes to Cooler than Ice (Currently +X total with Y from iceberg lettuce)
    • X=Y+Z
    • Y is number of iceberg lettuce eaten (unspaded: does this reset on retcon? Is there a cap?)
    • Z=5*sources*(sources-1)
      • so, as you get more sources, starting with 0 sources, Z is 0, 0, 10, 30, 60, 100

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