Markov chain

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Item Number: 1848
Description ID: 83127164
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Markov chain
Plural: Markov chains
This chain does... something. I suppose you could spend hours and hours trying to figure out what, but I never liked those kinds of problems. Let's just say it does stuff.

Melee weapon (Whips and flexible)
Power: 100
Level Required: 10
Autosell value: 175

Deals variable elemental damage

How Obtained

Using Metalmorph with chain links

Other Uses

After each combat round you see one of the following messages:

  • The heat from your smoking chain deals 15-26 damage. Hey! What did I tell you about chain smoking?
  • Your opponent seems chilled by that hit, taking 15-26 damage. Maybe this is one of those fancy snow chains.
  • Your opponent gets a 15-26 damage shock from your chain lightning. Then it jumps to their ally (offscreen), dealing them 11d6.
  • You rattle your chain. It comes out more "thunderous" than "spooky", dealing your opponent 15-26 damage.
  • Your chain forgets what it is for a second, turning into acid. Thankfully, most of it gets on your opponent, dealing 15-26 damage.
  • You explain the Markov property to your opponent. They forget it right away, along with 15-26 damage of other stuff. At least they get it now.