Satchel of independence

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Item Number: 2257
Description ID: 82243597
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satchel of independence
Plural: satchels of independence
They may take our lives, but they will never take... our satchels!

There's, like, 250 countries out there. Chances are, at least one of them is celebrating an independence day today. And if not, well, everyone still loves fireworks, right? Especially in the middle of the night!

This little doctor's bag looking thing (remember those?) is full of all sorts of fun explosives that can be used to celebrate any independence day you like. Or, I suppose, you could use the toys inside to really ruin some villain's day. Just try to keep from blowing your fingers off, okay?

July 2014 Item of the Month

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+20% combat-usable item drops
+10% damage from combat items
Filled with fireworks from a bunch of independence days

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

When Used

First time each day:

1 day since you last used the satchel:

There are some fireworks in here for the independence day today.

They certainly don't make fireworks like they used to... These, for example, seem to be safe.

2 days since you last used the satchel:

There are supplies for a couple independence days in here. Some of them look pretty tame, but you dig in to see if there's anything good for crime-fighting.

3 days since you last used the satchel:

There are some pretty old fireworks in here. They look pretty dangerous, but you're a superhero after all!

4 days since you last used the satchel:

Some seriously aweso... err, dangerous fireworks have built up in this bag. You'd better throw them at villains so, you know, no children get put in danger.

5 or more days since you last used the satchel:

There are supplies from a lot of independence days in here. You sort out a few and give the rest to children, because nobody would give fireworks this aweso... err, dangerous to children.

Subsequent times:
You've already celebrated an independence day today. There are a lot of countries out there, but not that many.


  • U+V+W+X+Y+Z totals 5.
  • The last effect tells you when you last used the satchel, the message changing as follows:
Today Was filled with fireworks
1 Day Filled with independence day fireworks
2 Days Filled with fireworks from independence today and independence yesterday
3 Days Filled with fireworks from three independence days
4 Days Filled with fireworks from four independence days
≥ 5 Days Filled with fireworks from a bunch of independence days
  • Retcon will reset the counter to having been used 1 day ago. (Filled with independence day fireworks)
  • When bought: The shopkeeper sends your 10 silver stars spinning through the store like ten beautiful fireworks, then carefully collects them and hands you a bag filled with actual fireworks. Score!


  • The first sentence of the description refers to a quote from the movie Braveheart.

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