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  • All chips drop modifiers except those from sidekicks apply to both combat and noncombat adventures.
  • Percentile modifiers are applied before constant modifiers.
  • Amounts for Skills are affected by S, the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested in the skill.
Source Source type Increase Duration Requirements Notes
Majestic noble Sidekick 5% * Level, cap 100% Full-time Enabled by using August Personage's The Stately Monarch
restores PP, delevels in combat
Clockwork ant Companion 50% 180 minutes Obtained from clockwork ant
Feeling Lucky Item 50% 90 minutes Obtained from Philtre of fortune
Seeing Green Item 50% 60 minutes Obtained from green tea
Snowspy Companion 50% 30 minutes packing snow Obtained from coal eyes
Also attacks foes
Aura: Keen Observation Psion Skill 20% + S% 30 minutes Level 8 +1% + (S/2)% XP per combat
Extortionist Sidekick 30% Full-time Enabled by using banned book
Fortune Melee weapon 25% Always Level 3 +20 to maximum HP
+20 to maximum PP
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
Snout of the Swine Naturalist Buff 15% + S% 30 + 3*S minutes
Broke Item 20% 60 minutes Obtained from red pen
dice keychain Talisman 20% Always -1 PP per turn
Mafia informer Companion 20% 60 minutes Obtained from Twilight Gold card‎
Xam's pouch of generosity Accessory 12% Always Level 8
foxy sombrero mask Helmet 10% Always +8% chance of enemy fumbles
You can leave your fiery mark on opponents if they fumble
insanely super XL bowl Accessory 10% Always +10% item drops
+10% spell damage - for Elementals only
jade ion stone Accessory 10% Always Level 9
multiversal bandolier Accessory 10% Always Attacker takes +10 acid damage upon successful hit.
+10% Reflexes
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
plastiscanner Offhand Item 10% Always Level 12
Roderick's Boots Boots 10% Always +5 Reflexes
Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
Provides +10% Reflexes if set worn
Ultimate Aviator Goggles Talisman 10% Always +2 PP per turn
Grants wearer the ability to fly
-5% item drops
goldfinger gloves Gloves 8% Always Level 6
gyrodreidel Accessory 8% Always +8% chance of spell critical hits
Using skills costs -1 PP
Imminently Spinnable
scales of the monarch Offhand Item 8% Always Level 15 Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices.
Twilight Inventions 800 Offhand Item 8% Always Comes loaded with games that occasionally give extra stat points...
And distract you or your enemies
Atmos Spear (shortened) Melee weapon 7% Always +20 to maximum HP
Grants wearer the ability to fly
Can call down lightning 5 times per day.
fiveanddimestaff Melee weapon 7% Always Level 8
imperial diadem Helmet 7% Always Level 10 +6 foe toughness
spy sports car Transportation 7% Always Sometimes prevents enemy attacks
string necklace Accessory 7% Always Your software triggers less consistently
loot lute Accessory 6% Always Level 4
sunglasses Accessory 6% Always Level 5
cat's eye amulet Talisman 5% Always +5% item drops
+20% chance of weapon fumbles
Causes disastrous fumbles
cashmere scarf Accessory 5% Always Level 5 +5% ice resistance
Digit-eyes-ed Effect 5% 65 minutes Gained from There's a Blog.Org for This
Eon drive Transportation 5% Always -5 seconds to the duration of each turn
Occasionally drops eon points
Grants deja vu the longer it's been in the family
Eon prime Transportation 5% Always -5 seconds to the duration of each turn
Grants wearer the ability to fly
Occasionally drops eon points
Grants deja vu the longer it's been in the family
golden cashmere fleece Shirt 5% Always Level 10 +4 HP per turn
long arm of the law Melee weapon 5% Always Level 6
longbow of the law Ranged weapon 5% Always Level 6
Ludvig Van's Fifth Symphony Accessory 5% Always Level 8 +5 sonic damage
monarch butterfly pin Accessory 5% Always
oculum felis Offhand Item 5% Always Level 9
paint-splattered jellies Boots 5% Always Level 4
penny-farthing Transportation 5% Always
positive thinking pajamas Full-body suit 5% Always +5 psychic damage - for Psions only
royal crown Helmet 5% Always Level 8
Synesthesia's synergistic gloves Gloves 5% Always -5 seconds to the duration of each turn
Set bonus: Grants synesthetic powers in a synergistic way
Villaintine Wishes Effect 5% 30 minutes Having a funny little villaintine sent to you
+5% Item drops
warlord's helmet Helmet 5% Always Level 9 +3 XP per turn
coldfinger gloves Gloves 4% Always Level 5 -5 to hit
ion the prize Accessory 4% Always Level 8 +4% item drops
platinum pear Offhand Item 4% Always Level 6
royal opera glasses Accessory 4% Always Level 8 +4% item drops
The Shark's darts Ranged weapon 4% Always Level 6 +1 extra attack(s) per turn
-4% chance of weapon fumbles
chip loafers Boots 3% Always Level 10
five-finger discount gloves Gloves 3% Always Level 9 +3 foe toughness
-10% psychic damage resistance
Gilded Gauntlets of Gripping Greatness Gloves 3% Always Level 10 +5% Strength
sarge lack Offhand Item 3% Always Level 2
robbin' hood Helmet 3% Always Level 10 +3 Ranged damage
+3 to hit
Bootstrapped Item 1% 60 minutes Obtained from using bootstraps
Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
Louie Baton bag Accessory 1% Always
nicknack Accessory 1% Always Level 7 +1 foe toughness
+1 weapon damage (ranged or melee)
+1 spell damage
+1 damage absorption
+1% item drops
+1% effectiveness from your sidekick
smoky goggles Accessory 1% Always -5% item drops
Blues musician Companion 40 45 minutes Obtained from Harmonica
Financial Prudence Software 20/30 (10% chance) Obtained from running Destitute Dick's Penny-Pincher Program
Winsday day of the week 5 Always
Accountant Sidekick ? Full-time Enabled by using trilowatt finance system‎
Cosmic jester Sidekick ? Full-time Enabled by using Rigoletto's Compleat Jester kit
When tuned to Chips
Can provide other effects
Feeling Flush Item ? 60 minutes Sometimes obtained from playing card
Gwneuthurwr Deganau's hunllef puzzle Accessory ? One turn When trigger Yellow
Other beneficial results
Publicist Companion ? 120 Minutes Obtained from League of Self Promoters‎
Foe to Fish Item -3% 90 minutes Obtained from using throat lozenges
+5 HP per turn
+5 PP per turn
-3% item drops
portable hole Offhand Item -3% Always Level 11 -3% item drops
+10% resist fire, ice, electric, and acid damage
singed wallet Accessory -5% Always +1% item drops
Ebon Eye of the Deep Talisman -20% Always +5% of weapon damage returned as PP
+15 spell damage
law suit Full-body suit -20% Always Level 10 +10 psychic damage
Take 1 psychic damage per round of combat


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