Combat chance modifiers

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  • Each area has a rate of combats vs. noncombats. However, this rate can be modified by using the following items and effects.
  • Combat chances can only be increased/decreased by up to 20%.
  • Except for Skills, these all effect combat chance by +/- 5%. Skills effect combat and by an amount which depends on S, the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested.
Source Source type Combat chance Duration Requirements Notes
Aura: Attractive Magnetism Psion Skill +3% + S*0.3% 30 minutes Level 16 Skill points are invested in Aura: Mental Magnetism
Sinus of the Shark Naturalist Buff +3% + S*0.3% 30 + 3*S minutes
Ali C bling Accessory +5% Always Level 4
autoslapping gloves Gloves +5% Always Level 15 +5 foe toughness
Clasped Cape of Compassionate Confrontation Accessory +5% Always Level 10 Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices.
combative 'tank' top Shirt +5% Always Level 9 3% chance to stun opponents
+3 weapon damage (ranged or melee)
Hear Me Roar Item +5% 90 minutes Obtained from lion pill
Hobbes' nail boots Boots +5% Always +5 Melee damage
Occasionally grants a bonus tiger pounce attack if you win initiative.
+5% item drops
kombat kat Transportation +5% Always +5% chance of critical hits
Fights alongside you
Transforms when it gets tired of fighting
Martin'd Item +5% 15 minutes Obtained from Ouch's head arrow
see-through shirt Shirt +5% Always Level 4 +5 foe toughness
siren's song Accessory +5% Always Level 12
spy ice cream truck Transportation +5% Always Level 8 +7 sonic damage
+7 foe toughness.
string bass Offhand Item +5% Always Your software triggers less consistently
string bling Accessory +5% Always Level 10 +10 foe toughness
targe vert with human rampant Offhand Item +5% Always Level 12
Targeting Trouble Software +5% Obtained from MacRuff's Mercantile Monitor software
Treader of the Dust's Sandals Boots +5% Always Level 55 +10 PP per turn
+10 Weapon damage (ranged or melee)
-5 seconds to the duration of each turn
wailing clutch Offhand Item +5% Always Level 25 Villains find you +5% faster
Wailing of Yuggoth
cellophane zubaz Pants -5% Always Level 4 -5% to initiative
Inky as Mother Night Item -5% 40 minutes Obtained from squidopus ink
luxury chameleon Transportation -5% Always Level 8
Mummers' gloves Gloves -5% Always Can generate an invisible box 5 times per day.
Occasionally perpetrates mimery.
+5% Reflexes
Personal Funk Item -5% 15 minutes Obtained from Ouch's stink bomb
Robe of Summanus Full-body suit -5% Always Level 40 +6% chance of critical hits.
+10% resist fire, ice, electric, and acid damage
Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices
Rolled Doll dahl Offhand Item -5% Always
Seeking Solitude Software -5% perpetual Obtained from Garcia's Traffic Avoider software
Shadow Ranged weapon -5% Always Level 5 +2 extra ranged attack(s) per turn
+15% Reflexes
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
Shining Trapezohedron Accessory -5% Always Level 55 +10 HP per turn
sneakiers Boots -5% Always Level 8
spy hot air balloon Transportation -5% Always Level 12 +5 HP per turn
+5 PP per turn
Grants wearer the ability to fly
Stiletto Shoes of Stealthy Subtlety Boots -5% Always Level 10 +5% Reflexes
Aura: Repulsive Magnetism Psion Skill -3% - S*0.3% 30 minutes Level 16 Skill points are invested in Aura: Mental Magnetism
Stealth Gadgeteer Buff -3% - S*0.3% 30-50 minutes Duration depends on Improved Tinkering

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