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The psion hero relies on the power of the mind. A masterful intellect combines with telekinetic and psychic powers to make a powerful crime-fighting hero. If you knew I was going to say that then the Psion hero is probably for you.


Level Attained Skill Name Skill Type PP Cost Effect
Level 1 Aura: Vim Noncombat 4 Increased to-hit ability
Increased dodge ability
Level 1 Mind Poke Combat 1 Deals psychic damage
Level 2 Knit Flesh Noncombat 4 Heals damage
Level 3 Telekinesis Combat 4 Deals physical damage
Level 4 Aura: Mystery Noncombat 8 Increased spell damage
-1 to the cost of combat skills
Level 5 Premonition Passive 0 Increased initiative
Level 6 Mind Jab Combat 7 Deals psychic damage
Level 7 Wind Warrior Buff 12 Summons a sidekick
Level 8 Aura: Keen Observation Noncombat 16 Slightly increased % XP gain
Increased chips drops
Level 9 Knit Bone Noncombat 12 Heals damage
Level 10 Meditation Passive 0 Adds additional minutes to bedtime each rollover
Level 11 Electronic Understanding Passive 0 Allows you to use Mind Poke, Mind Jab, and Psionic Blast on Robots.
Also makes Wind Warrior more effective against Electronic Robots
Level 12 Aura: Vigor Noncombat 12 Regenerates HP each turn
Increased maximum HP
Level 13 Psionic Blast Combat 15 Deals psychic damage
Level 14 Detachment Noncombat 20 Opponent attack damage decreased
Turn length increased
Level 15 Biofeedback Buff 10 Adds resistance to fire, ice, sonic, and psychic damage
Level 16 Aura: Mental Magnetism Noncombat 15 Increased or decreased chance of combat adventures