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Naturalist heroes have great physical strength, but their greatest skill is their ability to channel the powers of numerous wild animals. Not only can they drink like a fish and snore like a bear, but they will sting like a butterfly and float like a bee. Or, um, the other way around.


Level Attained Skill Name Skill Type PP Cost Effect
Level 1 Kangaroo Punch Combat 1 Deals physical damage
Level 1 Ant's Strength Buff 4 Increased strength
Increased maximum HP
Level 2 Charge of the Bovine Combat 4 Increased to-hit ability
Increased weapon damage
Level 3 Mantis Reflexes Buff 5 Increased reflexes
Increased initiative
Level 4 Echolocation Passive 0 Increased item drops
Level 5 Memory of the Elephant Buff 6 Increased intellect
Increased maximum PP
Level 6 Armadillo Armor Buff 8 Increases damage absorption
Level 7 Snout of the Swine Buff 10 Increased chips drop
Level 8 Starfish Regeneration Passive 0 Regenerates HP each turn
Level 9 Talons of the Raptor Buff 12 Increased melee damage
Level 10 Trample of the Rhino Combat 9 Moderately increased to-hit ability
Moderately increased weapon damage
Level 11 Summon Wolf Buff 9 Summons a sidekick
Level 12 Nurture vs. Nature Noncombat 12 Increased effectiveness from your sidekick
Level 13 Spines of the Echidna Buff 12 Damages foes when they hit you
Level 14 Sinus of the Shark Buff 15 Increases chance of combat adventures
Level 15 Summon Water Buffalo Buff 14 Summons a sidekick
Level 16 Maul of the Cave Bear Combat 13 Greatly increased to-hit ability
Greatly increased weapon damage



  • The famous boxer Muhammad Ali described his fighting style as "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee".