Summon Water Buffalo

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Summon Water Buffalo

You can summon to your side a surprisingly dangerous animal--the water buffalo. Seriously. It doesn't sound like much, but it can trample a person like nobody's business.

Summons a companion

Cost: 14 PP

When used

Used on oneself:

This information may no longer be accurate; please move this information to the Notes section using {{Oldsummon}} and use {{Summoncompanion}} instead.

  • Without a current companion:
You let out a series of grunts inaudible to humans, but perfectly clear to ... water buffalo. You're not exactly sure where it comes from--the zoo, maybe?--but one shows up in short order and stands at your side. (Duration: X minutes.)
You spend some time grunting to the buffalo in its native language, and it seems to appreciate your company. (Duration increased to: some minutes).
  • When you have a different companion:
You want to summon a water buffalo, but you can't because you've got a sidekick already.

Sidekick/companion: Water buffalo

Using on someone else N times sends N Scubby brand buffalo snax:

You can't really cast a companion on someone, so you do the next best thing. You send <target> N of an item that will get them a companion.


  • X is 30 + 6*S, where S is the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested. This is multiplied by the number of times cast.
  • Prior to the introduction of skill points, X was 60.