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Taming is an innate Naturalist skill. When fighting an animal -- a rat or fish, for example -- A Naturalist can try to Tame the animal. Taming an animal yields 50% more XP than defeating it in combat, but the creature will not drop items.

When Used

If you fail:

You squat down and extend a hand, trying to make friends with the critter. Despite your best efforts, it continues to act like it thinks you're food.

If you succeed:

You stretch out your hand, making a fist but extending your pinky and thumb. You make an odd keening noise while slowly rotating your fist back and forth. The trick works, and the animal decides you're a friend instead of a foe!

If used when not a Naturalist, or against a foe that is not an animal

Either you're not a naturalist, or that's not an animal. Either way, your opponent responds poorly to what seems to be taunting. Think about it. Would you like to be whistled at and talked to in a funny voice?