Charge of the Bovine

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Go to Naturalist Skills (level 2 skill, trained at the Training Room)

Charge of the Bovine

Used in combat, you add a slow, plodding, but surprisingly powerful and accurate charge to your attack, doing additional damage.

Increased to-hit ability
Increased weapon damage

Combat Skill
Cost: 4 PP

When Used

With a bellowing moo you charge your opponent.

With a ranged weapon you're trying to keep your distance, which means you're out of range for a charge.


  • Weapon damage is multiplied by 1.5 + (S/10), where S is the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested.
  • To-hit is increased by 10 + S + level, capped at 30.
  • Prior to the introduction of skill points, weapon damage was doubled and to-hit was increased by 5 + (level/2), capped at 20.
  • Ineffective against frusion enemies. Instead you get a regular hit attempt with a message:

With a bellowing moo you charge your opponent, but it's unimpressed.