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The gadgeteer's specialty is always having the right tool for the job. Natural inventiveness provides the gadgeteer hero with an array of gadgets and gizmos to help them navigate through life's—and their enemies'—obstacles. If you like playing with toys then this is your calling.


Level Attained Skill Name Skill Type PP Cost Effect
Level 1 Endurance Buff 1 Increased maximum HP
Level 1 Stun Gas Combat 3 Decreases foe to-hit and offense
Stuns opponents
Level 2 Upgrade Armor Noncombat 5 One of:
Adds fire, sonic, and electric resistance
Increased damage absorption
Increased reflexes & Increased initiative
Level 3 Basic Martial Arts Passive 0 Increased to-hit ability
Level 4 First Aid Non/Combat 6 Heals damage
Level 5 Sugar Purifier Noncombat 20 Improves sugar
Level 6 Upgrade Weapons Noncombat 8 One of:
Increased to-hit ability
Weapon does fire and electric damage
Reduced chances of fumbles & Some would-be fumbles become critical hits
Level 7 Metal Detector Buff 10 Increases item drops
Level 8 Advanced Martial Arts Passive 0 Increased offense
Level 9 Aerodynamic Vehicle Noncombat 12 Extended vehicle range, at the cost of turn length (reduced with skill points)
Level 10 Improved Tinkering Passive 0 Increases duration of other skills
Improves Upgrade Armor & Upgrade Weapons
Level 11 Electric Net Combat 15 Reduces foe dodge ability
Deals electric damage
Level 12 Catalyze Passive 0 Upgrades materials with a catalyzer unit
Level 13 Shock Grenade Combat 13 Reduces foe to-hit ability and offense
Deals sonic damage
Level 14 Stealth Buff 10 Increased chance of noncombat adventures
Level 15 Sniper Passive 0 Increased ranged damage
Increased initiative
Level 16 Battle Armor Passive 0 Increased defense