Running Away

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What are the success mechanics?

At each combat turn you can try to run away.

  • If you succeed the result is one of the following:

I'm Outta Here

Recognizing when you're overmatched is an important skill for every hero to have. You exercise the option to return and fight another day.

A Narrow Escape

You try to escape but your foe has you trapped in a corner. Undaunted you whip out your trusty electronic grappling hook and use it to lift yourself to safety. Thumbing your nose at your opponent on the way up is just the icing on the cake.

Turbo-Powered Evasion

You turn and use your heroic speed to bravely run away, away. Your opponent tries to hit you one last time before you disappear, but you jam down on the launch button of your jet-powered backpack. The burst only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it's enough to give you the clearance you need.

  • If you fail:


You try to run away but your foe keeps you from escaping.

  • or you can suffer a parting shot:

A Parting Shot

You turn and run as fast as your heroic little legs can carry you. Your opponent can't keep up but gets off one last parting shot.

If the foe hits:

<It> hits you for X damage. It hurts but you escape.

If the foe misses:

<It> attacks, but misses. You do your best Houdini impression and disappear.


  • A Parting Shot can also end in a foe fumble, and even foe defeat due to a fumble.
  • Gadgeteers have an increased chance of running away.