Upgrade Weapons

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Go to Gadgeteer Skills (level 6 skill, trained at the Training Room)

Upgrade Weapons

You can modify your weapons to make them more effective. Duration can be enhanced by Improved Tinkering.

Noncombat Skill
Cost: 8 PP

When Used

When no weapon upgrade is active:

How would you like to upgrade your weapons?

Frickin' Sharp
You apply a high-tech sharpening procedure to your weapon until the edge is frickin' sharp. It'll cut through just about anything. Of course the edge will dull eventually, but you should be able to get quite a bit of use out of it first. (Added for X minutes.)

You rig up your weapon with an array of high-tech elemental attacks. The additions will wear out eventually, but it'll be fun while they last. (Added for X minutes.)

You apply a high-tech balancing apparatus to your weapon which greatly reduces your odds of fumbling, and if you're moderately good at using the device some of your worst swings will be guided in to hit your opponent's critical spots. The gizmo will wear out eventually, of course. (Added for X minutes.)

When Upgrade Weapons: Frickin' Sharp is active:

You hone the already sharp edge of your weapon until it's even sharper. (Added for X minutes.)

When Upgrade Weapons: Lethalized is active:

You reinforce the lethal attachments on your weapon so they'll last longer. (Added for X minutes.)

When Upgrade Weapons: Self-Balancing is active:

You apply a few patches to your balancing gizmo. (Added for X minutes.)