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The elemental hero fights crime with a mastery of the four elements. Earth, air, fire, and water all obey the hero's will and make them a force to be reckoned with. Just don't ask one to light a cigarette for you—they really get sick of that.


Level Attained Skill Name Skill Type PP Cost Effect
Level 1 Proper Grounding Buff 1 Increases strength, intellect, and reflexes
Level 1 Throw Sparks Combat 2 Deals fire damage
Level 2 Air Shield Buff 3 Increases defense
Level 3 Ice Bolt Combat 4 Deals ice damage
Level 4 Groundquake Combat 6 Reduces opponent to-hit and dodge chances
May stun opponent
Level 5 Proper Hydration Passive 0 Regenerate PP every turn
Level 6 Lightning Bolt Combat 8 Deals electric damage
Level 7 Fire Shield Buff 7 Damages foes when they hit you
Level 8 Stone Armor Noncombat 12 Increases defense
adds fire, ice, and electric resistance
Level 9 Tornado Combat 10 Reduces opponent to-hit and dodge chances
Deals damage
Level 10 Lifeblood Manipulation Noncombat 20-round(S/2) Heals wounds
Level 11 Metalmorph Noncombat 20 Can upgrade certain metals
Level 12 Firestorm Combat 14 Deals fire damage
Level 13 Summon Water Sprite Buff 10 Summons a sidekick
Level 14 The Fire Within Passive 0 Increased PP capacity
Increased % spell damage
Level 15 Sundowner Breeze Noncombat 30 Increases foe toughness
Level 16 Salt of the Earth Passive 0 Increases Spell Critical chance