Lightning Bolt

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Lightning Bolt

This skill allows you to concentrate the ambient electric charge of the air and send a deadly bolt of lightning at your enemy, dealing a significant amount of damage.

Deals electric damage

Combat Skill
Cost: 8 PP

When Used

Lightning arcs from your hands through the air, slamming your opponent for X damage.


  • X is 2-8 + 2-8 + 3*S + level + sqrt(2*Intellect), where S is the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested. However, any damage above 60 + 3*S is halved.
  • Prior to the introduction of skill points, X was 2-6 + 2-6 + 2-6 + level + [intellect modifier], where damage above 50 was halved.
  • Cap is increased by percentile bonus spell damage
  • Against frusion enemies it does only 3-5 damage with a message:

Lightning arcs from your hands through the air, but it sort of whooshes through your opponent instead of doing the normal sizzling and frying. It deals maybe 3-5 damage.