Fire Shield

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Go to Elemental Skills (level 7 skill, trained at the Training Room)

Fire Shield

You can use this skill to wrap a shield of fire around you, burning all who approach too closely.

Damages foes when they hit you

Cost: 7 PP

When Used

You surround yourself with a fiery shield. (Added for X minutes.)


  • When you are hit by your opponent you get the message:

Your opponent is singed by your fiery defenses, and takes Y damage.

  • Y is 5 + 2*S + round(level/5), where S is the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested.
  • As usual, strike-back damage cannot kill an opponent. When an opponent would have been killed by strike-back damage it is canceled and you get a message right after the regular message:

Your opponent appears to be in pretty bad shape. It pulls back before your defenses cause it critical damage.