Summon Water Sprite

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Go to Elemental Skills (level 13 skill, trained at the Training Room)

Summon Water Sprite

You can summon a friendly water sprite to accompany you on your rounds.

Summons a companion

Noncombat Skill
Cost: 10 PP

When Used

This information may no longer be accurate; please move this information to the Notes section using {{Oldsummon}} and use {{Summoncompanion}} instead.

  • Without a current companion:
You summon a water sprite to accompany you. Within moments it rises up out of a nearby sewer drain. The sprite is a little dingy, but you try not to think about what kind of water it's made of. (Duration: 30 minutes.)
You tap in (heh, get it?) to your water powers to reinforce the slowly evaporating water sprite, bolstering it for further endurance. (Duration increased to: some minutes).
  • When you have a different companion:
You think about summoning a water sprite, but recall that it gets on with other sidekicks like fire and itself. In other words, not so well.

Sidekick/companion: Water sprite