Orb of Insight

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Item Number: 145
Description ID: 1413202
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Orb of Insight
Plural: Orbs of Insight
This is a thin metal circlet with a powerful interdimensional gemstone set in the front, designed to be worn on your head with the stone resting over the forehead at the location of the third eye. It's kind of like having a psychic headlamp, but lighter and less dorky looking.

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+15% Intellect
+20% to the duration of auras
Unlocks Psions' Crush Dreams
-5 Reflexes

How Obtained

Zion's Tears building

Assemble.gif Schrodinger's Box Astral Monkey's Paw Necklace
Equals.gif Orb of Insight

Other Uses