Mind Jab

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Verification of message without Electronic Understanding against Positronic Robots

Go to Psion Skills (level 6 skill, trained at the Training Room)

Mind Jab

This skill allows you to perform the mental equivalent of punching your opponent in the face. But it's the face of their mind, using the fist of your psyche.

Deals psychic damage

Combat Skill
Cost: 7 PP

When Used

You reach out with your mind, trying to find another mind to connect with, but the positronic synapses of your opponent's brain are far too slippery for you to do anything. It's like they're running backwards, or in another dimension, or someplace where you simply can't reach them.

You reach out with your mind, prying at your opponent. There's no mind behind the mechanical shell, but you can sense some hint of a pattern in the electronic device that confronts you. Unfortunately, you can't quite latch on to the electronics to do anything about it.

  • Otherwise:

You jab out at your opponent with your mind, dealing X damage.


You jab out at your opponent with your mind. There's not much you can reach, and you only deal 2 damage.


References the classic Mangar's Mind Jab spell from the The Bard's Tale series.