Wind Warrior

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Wind Warrior

This skill creates the illusion of a brutish fighter who appears to stand by your side and fights with you.

Summons a companion

Cost: 12 PP

When Used

Used on oneself:

This information may no longer be accurate; please move this information to the Notes section using {{Oldsummon}} and use {{Summoncompanion}} instead.

  • Without a current companion:
Using advanced mental visualization techniques, you project the image of a hulking fighter standing beside you. Anyone weak-minded enough to fall for the illusion will take very real damage. (Duration: 30 minutes.)
Using advanced mental visualization techniques, you bolster the image of the warrior beside you. (Duration increased to: some minutes).
  • When you have a different companion:
You want to summon a wolf, but you can't because you've got a sidekick already.

Sidekick/companion: Wind warrior

Using on someone else N times sends N warrior holograms:

You can't really cast a companion on someone, so you do the next best thing. You send <target> N of an item that will get them a companion.


  • Refers to the "Wind Warrior" spell from the 1985 version of the video game The Bard's Tale.