Spell Critical Chance

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Rakes-trowel.gif This page contains some non specific data which NEEDS SPADING:
Base crit chance, damage multiplier
  • As the note on each of the items says, the total increase on the rate of critical hits is capped at +/- 20%.
  • Amounts for Skills are affected by S, the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested in the skill.
Source Source type Increase Duration Requirements Notes
Chlorine Lad's ladle Talisman +12% Always Using skills costs -3 PP
Your damaging spells cause lingering chlorine
Draws you to an Abandoned Chemistry Lab in Somerset
-15% to your maximum Hit Points
flash bat Melee weapon +10% Always Level 5
lightning scepter Melee weapon +10% Always Level 10 Your sprites act on spell critical hits - for Elementals only
orwhal hair wand Melee weapon +10% Always Level 15 +10% spell damage
-1 to the cost of combat skills
universal mirror Offhand Item +10% Always Catch enemies' reflections
Blocks enemy attacks
Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices
gyrodreidel Accessory +8% Always +8% chips
Using skills costs -1 PP
Imminently Spinnable
Salt of the Earth Elemental Passive Skill +1% + round(S * 0.6)% Always
MechaPinata mask Helmet +5% Always Level 20 +5% chance of critical hits
MechaPinata Fortitude
multiversal HUD Helmet +5% Always +10% Intellect
+5 XP per turn
Rental equipment is lost at rollover
Somber's Fedora Helmet +5% Always Level 13 +13% to your maximum Power Points
+1 skill point(s) applied to combat skills
-5 seconds to the duration of each turn
turkey feather wand Melee weapon +5% Always +25% spell damage
+5% chance of spell critical hits
+5% chance of enemy fumbles
Channels the power of terrible movies
Got the Red Out Item +4% 120 minutes Obtained from flask of eyewash
+4 PP per turn
rare earth grips Gloves +2% Always Level 10

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