Skill Cost modifiers

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  • Most skills need PP to cast. The following table lists all game mechanics which affect skill PP costs. Since cheaper skills are better, for this table, negative values are better than positive ones.
  • Amounts for Skills are affected by S, the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested in the skill.
  • A maximum of -5 can be applied to Skill Cost, down to 1 PP minimum; any modifiers above that are ignored.
Source Source type Increase Skill Type Duration Requirements Notes
Mirror of Nitocris Offhand Item -5 combat skill Always Level 70 +50% spell damage
Agimat's Charm Talisman -3 all Always +20% spell damage
Unlocks Implosion
-20% offense
Chlorine Lad's ladle Talisman -3 all Always +12% chance of spell critical hits
Your damaging spells cause lingering chlorine
Draws you to an Abandoned Chemistry Lab in Somerset
-15% to your maximum Hit Points
Thunder in a Bottle Talisman -2 all Always +10% to your maximum Power Points
Unlocks Elementals' Core Tap
-3 Melee damage
gyrodreidel Accessory -1 all Always +8% chance of spell critical hits
+8% chips
Imminently Spinnable
karma charm Accessory -1 all Always Level 5 Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices.
+20% spell damage
The Murk's Silk Shirt Shirt -1 all Always Level 9 +10 spell damage
-5 seconds to the duration of each turn
Aura: Mystery Psion Skill -1 combat skill 30 Minutes Level 4 +2*S + (level/2) spell damage
brain coral ion stone Accessory -1 combat skill Always Level 10 +15% spell damage on psychic spells
Cosmic Concentration Item -1 combat skill 60 minutes Obtained from assembling depleted dust
+15% spell damage
Jill's elegant gloves Gloves -1 combat skill Always +10% spell damage
+10 to maximum PP
+1 skill point applied to combat skills if Spring-Heeled Jack's boots is worn
orwhal hair wand Melee weapon -1 combat skill Always Level 15 +10% spell damage
+10% chance of spell critical hits
pandimensional scepter Melee weapon -1 combat skill Always Level 9 +10 spell damage
genuine lookalike World Series 2011 ring Talisman +1 combat skill Always Attacker takes +15% fire damage upon successful hit.
genuine lookalike World Series 2012 ring Talisman +1 combat skill Always Attacker takes +15% ice damage upon successful hit.
illuminum gloves Gloves +1 combat skill Always Level 14 +3 electric damage

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