Karma charm

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Item Number: 916
Description ID: 7877065
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karma charm
Plural: karma charms
Did you know that all it takes to put you more in tune with the world around you is a little white gold charm? Wear this thing around your wrist, and you can emphasize your mystical effect on the world around you, and in return enhance the world's communication back to you.

Reportedly this thing also causes some serious pain to anyone who owns a swamp, in direct proportion to the size of the swamp. Good thing you live in a desert, huh?

Level Required: 5
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

Increases the effectiveness of reputation-affecting choices.
+20% spell damage
Using skills costs -1 PP

How Obtained

Exchange at Sherlock & Poirot, Crime Analysts for 30 crimebusters IOUs


  • The line about causing serious pain refers to the Magic: The Gathering card game, and specifically to the Karma card, which does damage Swamp owners. Good thing you live in a Desert.