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Rakes-trowel.gif This page contains some non specific data which NEEDS SPADING:
What are the constants? How does randomness get into the calculation?
  • According to the manual, your basic offense is the power of the weapon you are wielding. Offense modifiers are applied to this value.
  • The damage from offense is calculated as Offense*(a+b/OpponentDefense) where a and b are yet to be determined constants, smaller than one. Damage from strength and other bonus damage is added afterwards.
  • Amounts for Skills are affected by S, the number of Skill-point.gif skill points invested in the skill.
Source Source type Increase Duration Requirements Notes
the 3-erang Ranged weapon 30% + 10 Always Level 7
tritanium trident Melee weapon 30% Always Level 7 +10 Strength
glistening fleur-de-lis Talisman 25% Always +25% weapon damage
-50% defense
Gungnir's Charm Talisman 20% Always +20% to hit
Unlocks Heartpiercer
-20% defense
scoped revolver Ranged weapon 20% Always Level 13 +5% chance of critical hits
Gives wearer a slightly brutish appearance
Blue Elsa's blue blade Melee weapon 10% Always Level 5 +10 to hit
panther amulet Accessory 10% Always Level 9
Stainless Steelbreaker Offhand Item 10% Always Occasionally blocks enemy attacks.
+4% chance of enemy fumbles
Successful hit weakens opponents (by 5 points).
dragoon's lance Melee weapon 5% Always Level 15 +3% of weapon damage returned as HP
Advanced Martial Arts Gadgeteer Passive Skill 10 + 3*S + level Always Level 8
Fighting Club Melee weapon 10*level, cap 100 Always +20% Strength
+10 Melee damage
+5% of weapon damage returned as HP
You do know Jack. Specifically, Jack's physiology.
GigaGuy cannon Ranged weapon 10*level, cap 100 Always +1 extra attack(s) per turn.
Provides several special attacks in combat.
Occasionally causes foes to drop restoratives.
King's boomerang
Ring of Fellowship
Zorromir's double tower shield
Ranged weapon
Offhand Item
5*level, cap 60 Always Wearing entire set Many other benefits
Nostronomically Hardened Passive Skill 20 Always Level 10 +20 Defense
coral ion stone Accessory 15 Always Level 9
snap bracelet Accessory 15 Always Level 4
databoots Boots 10 Always Level 6 +5% Reflexes
gold star Accessory 10 Always Increases all stats +1 level:
+5 Strength
+5 Intellect
+5 Refleces
+10 Maximum HP
+10 Maximum PP
+10 defense
+10 to-hit
+10 dodge
Green Globulin Effect 10 35 minutes Gained from using throwing star - black hole in combat
+10 HP
+10 PP
+10 defense
+10 to-hit
+10 dodge
MechaPinata paws Gloves 10 Always Level 20 +10 spell damage
MechaPinata Fortitude
prabble crossbow Ranged weapon 10 Always Level 8
tri-cycle Transportation 10 Always +10 defense
colossal mandible Melee weapon 5 Always Level 4
curious copper column Accessory 5 Always
well wrought weight Accessory 5 Always
shadow orb Offhand Item 4 Always Level 8 +3% chance of critical hits
iron-toe boots Boots 3 Always Level 9 +3 foe toughness.
+3 defense
-5 to initiative
Grimm's Bulwark Talisman -15% Always +20% defense
+20% resistance to all elements
Regenerates HP as a function of level
Regenerates PP as a function of level
Rake's Garden Trowel Talisman -15% Always +20% defense
+20% resistance to all elements
Regenerates HP as a function of level
Regenerates PP as a function of level
Agimat's Charm Talisman -20% Always +20% spell damage
Using skills costs -3 PP
Unlocks Implosion

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