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  • Stunning only occurs when you manage to hit your opponent. If a stun triggers you see the message:
Your vicious attack leaves your opponent stunned.

And later

Your opponent is too stunned to act.
  • The opponent is stunned for a single round, the round in which the hit occurred.
Source Source type Chance Duration Requirements Notes
datagloves Gloves 5% Always Level 6 +5 electric damage
Expendable Lad's gloves Gloves 5% Always +15% effectiveness from your sidekick
Applaud your sidekick's attacks for bonus sonic damage
Together with the boots, inspire your sidekick to foolish new heights
Scourge of Souls Melee weapon 5% Always Level 55 -10 foe toughness
+50 Melee damage
+10% of weapon damage returned as HP
Spring-Heeled Jack's boots Boots 5% Always Grants wearer the ability for super jumps
+10% dodging ability
+1 skill point applied to combat skills if Jill's elegant gloves is worn
sun dress Full-body suit 5% Always Level 14 +10 electric damage
+4 PP per turn
+5% item drops
blunderbuss Ranged weapon 3% Always Level 18 +10 XP per combat
combative 'tank' top Shirt 3% Always Level 9 Increased chance of combat adventures
+3 weapon damage (ranged or melee)
Cupid's quiver Accessory 3% Always +20% item drops
+3% of weapon damage returned as HP
embossed emblem Accessory 3% Always Level 4 +4 XP per combat
Ever-Dim Halter Shirt 3% Always Level 13 +13% to your maximum Hit Points
+5 damage absorption
+5% Melee damage
energy mace Melee weapon 2% Always Level 5
+10 electric damage - for Elementals only
office trebuchet Ranged weapon 2% Always Level 10 Successful hit weakens opponents (by 10 points)
Giger counter Accessory 2% Always Level 6 +10% Intellect
ice orb Offhand Item 2% Always Level 8 +4 ice damage
shovel Melee weapon 2% Always Level 2
beanbag cannon Ranged weapon 1% Always Level 3
righteous hook Melee weapon 1% Always Level 15 +5% Strength

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