Ever-Dim Halter

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Item Number: 1971
Description ID: 55077939
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Ever-Dim Halter
Plural: Ever-Dim Halters
Thankfully there was never a hero named "Ever-Dim". This halter top was actually used by the nearly-forgotten pre-golden heroine Eve. According to those who remember her, Eve was an especially bold hero who would frequently chase down villains with little regard for her own safety. There were even stories of her outrunning cars to catch fleeing hoodlums. It's likely that her boldness eventually caught up to her when she tried to bring in an entire gang by herself; nobody knows what happened that night except that Eve was never seen again.

The name of this halter comes from the fact that it looks like it was woven out of the very stuff of shadows. It's believed that the strange powers of this shadow-stuff is what gave Eve her incredible durability. Numerous reports when she was active would talk about her shrugging off gunshot wounds that should have been mortal.

Power: 80
Level Required: 13
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+13% to your maximum Hit Points
+5 damage absorption
+5% Melee damage
3% chance to stun opponents

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 17 mettle


  • Requires a Naturalist run with a 10+ mettle, no pulls and a Futility Belt. (Silver minimum)