Dragoon's lance

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Item Number: 1084
Description ID: 3566935
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dragoon's lance
Plural: dragoon's lances
Dragoons. Creatures of legend. Stories told to children. But now dragoons have returned to Twilight. The darkness of war and destruction engulfs the city.

Hope dawns with the coming of heroes. Armed at last with the dragoon lances, the heroes lead the people in the final desperate battle against the dragoons.

Psion and naturalist, gadgeteer and elemental and dark-souled wannabe villains; they must overcome their own doubts and resolve their own conflicts before they can hope to defeat - the dragoon of darkness.

Melee weapon (Piercing)
Power: 165
Level Required: 15
Autosell value: 85

+3% of weapon damage returned as HP
+5% offense

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif paladinum astral spline
Equals.gif dragoon's lance


  • Refers to Dragonlance.
  • Dragoons are horse mounted troops. Coincidentally, in French, Portuguese, and Spanish there is no distinction between the words dragoon and dragon.