Ouch's stink bomb

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combat damage and how much foe toughness it adds to the foe
Item Number: 1923
Description ID: 71105134
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Ouch's stink bomb
Plural: Ouch's stink bombs
These small glass vials contain the kind of stench that can clear a room in five seconds flat. Opening one will guarantee you a little solitude, but just be careful that you don't spill it on yourself or you'll find yourself being named a prince.

Comes from August 2012 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 15
Combat Usable

How Obtained

Using Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks

When Used

Of course. I tell you these things stink, so the first thing you do is douse yourself. I can see the stink-lines from here!

You gain an effect: Personal Funk (Added for 15 minutes.) Congratulations.

Using multiple: Same as single use

When Used in Combat

You whip the stink bomb at your foe, giving them a face-(or whatever-) full of noxious, stinking oil. It burns for X damage and really aggravates them.

Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks
Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks (empty)
Item Effect
Ouch's bike horn Combat Item
Sonic damage
Stuns for 1 round
Ouch's clown make-up Ends combat without time
Clowning Inside
Take 2 psychic damage per round of combat
Ouch's foam brick Combat Item
Stuns for 3 rounds
Ouch's head arrow Martin'd
Increased chance of combat adventures
Ouch's joy buzzer Combat Item
Electric damage
Stuns for 1 round
Ouch's lovely flower Combat Item
Acid damage
Stuns for 1 round
Ouch's stink bomb Personal Funk
Increased chance of noncombat adventures
Ouch's trick cards Combat Item