Ouch's foam brick

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Item Number: 1918
Description ID: 34795120
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Ouch's foam brick
Plural: Ouch's foam bricks
She's a brick house, just letting it all hang out... What? You can't build a house out of these bricks? Oh well, they're still fun for tossing at people and watching their reaction.

Comes from August 2012 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 15
Combat Usable

How Obtained

Using Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks

When Returned through [throw]

You shout "think fast!" and lob a foam brick at <player>'s head.

Trying to return the item to yourself:
You decide that you don't need to send this item to yourself. Why not save the postage fees?

Effect on Receiver:
<player> popped out of nowhere and chucked a brick at your head!

Included item: crumbling foam brick (quantity 1)Profouchbrick.gif

In chat: <player> just threw a brick on your head!

When Used in Combat

You fling the brick at the <foe name> which is extremely confusing. Why are you using foam as a weapon?


  • Stuns for three rounds (including the round in which it was used)


Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks
Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks (empty)
Item Effect
Ouch's bike horn Combat Item
Sonic damage
Stuns for 1 round
Ouch's clown make-up Ends combat without time
Clowning Inside
Take 2 psychic damage per round of combat
Ouch's foam brick Combat Item
Stuns for 3 rounds
Ouch's head arrow Martin'd
Increased chance of combat adventures
Ouch's joy buzzer Combat Item
Electric damage
Stuns for 1 round
Ouch's lovely flower Combat Item
Acid damage
Stuns for 1 round
Ouch's stink bomb Personal Funk
Increased chance of noncombat adventures
Ouch's trick cards Combat Item