Twilight Inventions 800

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Item Number: 1929
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Twilight Inventions 800
Plural: Twilight Inventions 800s
Twilight Inventions is the second biggest electronic component company in Twilight (the largest being SketchiTech), and they generally focus on making useful devices for normal people. This particular calculator, however, is from the far future, sent back in time to kill some waitress. I mean, to help her son. I mean to help her pass a math test. I mean...

Look, it's really complicated and you'll just hurt yourself if you try to untangle the cause and effect. Just use the fool thing to help you pass the time with fun little games and the built-in money management program. How can a graphing calculator do all that? I already told you: it's from the future!

September 2012 Item of the Month

Offhand Item
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Comes loaded with games that occasionally give extra stat points...
And distract you or your enemies
+8% chips

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

  • You get one of two messages before combat:
From what you can derive of your enemy's power, you might as well divide your attention between the fight and Stage N of Falling Blocks on your calculator. For some reason, that adds to its irritation. Cosine.
From what you can derive of your enemy's power, you might need to divide their attention. You whip out your calculator and challenge them to beat your high score on Stage N of Falling Blocks. Even if you miss their sweet moves in real life, at least you'll add to your skill at Falling Blocks. Inverse Sine.
  • At the end of the combat, 8.5 ± 1% of the time, you get one of the following messages:
You play a couple rounds of Homerun Derby on your calculator. Whoa, X feet? You feel stronger already! You get an extra Strength point!
You play a couple rounds of Caffeine Wars on your calculator. You don't know why University Heights wants Kopi Luwak, but the gameplay is stimulating. You get an extra Intellect point!
You play a couple rounds of Whac-a-Moleman on your calculator. You beat back the Moleman hordes and work on your reflexes at the same time! You get an extra Reflex point!


  • X is your current buffed Strength.
  • When bought: You hand the 10 silver stars to him and he grins. "Never fail a math test again!"


Item of the Month
Preceded by
Professor Ouch's satchel of tricks
September 2012
Twilight Inventions 800
Succeeded by
ceremonial knife