Paint-splattered cap

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Item Number: 2034
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paint-splattered cap
Plural: paint-splattered caps
This isn't intentionally a throwback to 80s fashion. This is a painter's cap that's been well used, even if it's in serious need of a wash. Of course, because nothing's normal in this town, the various mixtures of paint and pigment can cause strange side-effects. Nobody really knows how it's triggered, but it works, so who cares, right?

Thanks to this swanky hat, you'll be ready to paint with the colors of the wind, or maybe even make pictures come to life. Or, you know, use it to paint your living room.

Usable paint and paintbrush not included.

April 2013 Item of the Month

Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

-5 seconds to the duration of each turn***
Paint your way out of any situation... well, at least seven situations

*** Maximum time benefit of -60 seconds, total, including Heroic Efficiency.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


At the beginning of combat, you will receive one of the following:

Pantsfire.gif A line of red paint connects you to the <foe>. Unfortunately for them, it's less like the red string of fate and more like the red line of a laser sight.

Pantsfire.gif You paint a little black bandit mask on yourself. Apparently that means you can steal points now. Who knew?

Pantsfire.gif You paint a soothing aquamarine landscape. You could just take a nap right now... shame the <foe> keeps trying to make you move.

Pantsfire.gif You try to paint a nice forest, but it ends up looking like broken green glass. Well, at least that should keep the <foe> away.

Pantsfire.gif You slosh violet paint around everywhere. It... doesn't really bother you much, but it seems to drive the <foe> crazy.

Pantsfire.gif The only paints you can find are avocado green and chocolate brown. Looks like things are going to get a little funky around here.

Pantsfire.gif You get a splash of jade paint on the ground. It looks like a tree or a tornado or a firestorm or something. It's all up to your imagination.

At the end of combat:

If the line of red paint triggered, and no weapon attack was made: Pantsfire.gif Well, that red line is probably less useful now that your foe is down for the count.

If the aquamarine landscape triggered, and combat was completed normally Pantsfire.gif That landscape was really calming, but your rest got interrupted because you had to fight your jerk enemies. Jerks.

If the aquamarine landscape triggered, and you run away

Pantsfire.gif You exercise the option to return and fight another day. You rest up in the soothing ambiance of your landscape, regaining X HP and X PP.

If the splash of jade paint triggered, and no spell was cast: Pantsfire.gif You stop to contemplate the jade paint for a while, since that fight wasn't too imaginative.


  • When bought: The shopkeeper heads into the back room with several cans of paint and mysteriously comes back with a paint-splattered cap.
  • The line of red paint seems to make the next attack a critical hit.
  • The black bandit mask grants +10% damage returned as HP and +10% damage returned as PP.
  • The aquamarine landscape give ?, cap 45? HP and PP.
  • The broken green glass gives +20 strike-back damage.
  • The violet paint gives ?, cap 10 bonus psychic damage.
  • The avocado green and chocolate brown reduces PP cost for combat skills by 3.
  • The splash of jade paint doubles the damage of the next spell, as though it were a critical.


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