Talismans (hideout)

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Talisman Tabernacle

This little nook is where you store your talismans.

Your current talisman is: (Current Talisman)

You have no other talismans and thus cannot switch them.


If you'd like you can switch to another talisman. Be careful, though! Part of your experience is tied up in the talisman you wear. Switching talismans is likely to leave you weaker. (You will lose 10% of your XP, up to 20k). You have the following other talismans in your tabernacle to choose from:

When you switch your talisman
You take off your old talisman and put it in the tabernacle. You feel energy drain from you, and are momentarily powerless. You pick up the <new talisman> and put it on. After a time you feel better, but not quite back to normal. You lose (ceiling(Level/10), cap 20,000) XP.

Talisman Transmogrifier

This is an insidious little device that you put together one evening when you'd had too much caffeine and couldn't think of anything else to do. From the outside it looks a bit like a cardboard box with a few wires and knobs coming out of it, and one really large "Transmogrify" button.

To be honest, the transmogrifier kind of scares you. Your notes suggest that anything put inside the box will be bombarded with some kind of horrible ray unknown to most scientists. You've tested it on a few mundane objects, and they've basically disintegrated. In theory if you put some sort of super-powerful object inside, such as, say, a talisman it might survive the ordeal but come out drastically altered. Unfortunately there's also no telling what might happen to the person who was fundamentally tied to the talisman at the time. There's a very good chance that you could lose most or even all of your powers and end up starting over from scratch -- barely more powerful than the average mortal.

On the other hand, change is fun, and it might let you see things from a different perspective.

Your current talisman is: (Current Talisman)

You cannot transmogrify this talisman, either because it's not one of the four starting talismans, or because it doesn't match your current class.


You can transmogrify this talisman into:

  • When you transmogrify:

Just in case something crazy happens, you set aside all your equipment first. You'd hate for rogue radiation to damage any of your gear. Then you push the button ...

Your talisman warps under the strain of transmogrification. You start to feel .... funny ... You are now a <class> hero.

Your sidekick seems a bit concerned at your rash actions, but stands by you. After all, good sidekicks have seen worse than that. (if you currently have a sidekick)

You get an item: <class talisman>

You have forgotten all of your previous skills. However, you acquire a new skill: <class starting skill>

  • After transmogrifying:

You've already used the transmogrifier once today. Using it again right away would be too dangerous. You decide you'd better wait until tomorrow before trying it again.