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This is where you choose the focus of your full-time sidekick and set its details. It will only appear after a certain part of the level 9 quest.

Pick your sidekick's focus:

Focus Benefit Max Level *
Basic understudy Attacks 10
(other sidekicks)
Don't use the sidekick now -nothing-
  • The current sidekick is bolded.
  • IotM sidekicks are differently colored and astericized.

Basic sidekick info:
Gender: Male Female Neuter

with a companion:

You currently have a temporary companion. If you want, you can dismiss them:

Dismiss companion


Your understudy has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in the NCI Live building. Maybe you ought to rescue it or something?

  • Later in that quest you do get your sidekick back, but still can't use it. The page shows:

You've got your understudy back, but it's pretty traumatized after the interrogation, and isn't quite ready to go back into the field.


  • Before the sidekick/companion split on November 27 2014, trying to select a sidekick while you already have a companion active yields:

Sorry, but you've got another sidekick in action right now. Do you really want to rid of the old one?