R.E.T.C.O.N. Device

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The R.E.T.C.O.N. Device is where you initiate retcon, i.e. start your game once over. It is installed in your Workbench at your Hideout once you complete Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game.

You check in with Susan again, who says that this device ought to allow you to go back in time to the moment you received your talisman, at which point you'd have a second chance to try to set things right in Twilight. In greater detail she explains it's not time travel so much as a rewind button, so there won't be any issues with you running into multiple copies of yourself, but you'll be starting out in very nearly the same circumstances as before.

However, Susan also says that depending on how you choose to calibrate the device, she can continue to monitor your progress from this end of the time continuum, and occasionally send back items from this point in time to where you're located. There's a lot of talk of windows and synchronization that you don't really follow.

Initiate retcon Now!

Calibrate the R.E.T.C.O.N. Device to configure what restrictions and opportunities you will have during your next attempt to defeat the Mick.

There are several popular run types you may wish to consider. Examples include:

Max pulls, all skills, all food, full sidekick
5 points

Retcon Zero
All items, class skills, diet (no sugar), full sidekick
5 points

Some pulls, class skills, all food, full sidekick
9 points

No pulls, all skills, all food, full sidekick
10 points

Max pulls, no skills, all food, limited sidekick
12 points

No pulls, all skills, no food, full sidekick
15 points

See a full list of retcon types


  • Elemental
  • Naturalist
  • Gadgeteer
  • Psion


  • All items available immediately (-4 points)
  • Max pulls and give me a break after 48 hours (-2 points)
  • Max (10/day) (0 points)
  • Some (5/day) (+2 points)
  • Daily (1/day) (+3 mettle)
  • Heirloom (1 total) (+4 mettle)
  • None (+5 points)


  • All permed skills available (0 points)
  • Permed skills remembered, but only class skills can have skill points applied (+2 points)
  • No permed skills remembered (+5 points)


  • Both caffeine and sugar (0 points)
  • Decaf (no caffeine) (+3 points)
  • Diet (no sugar) (+2 points)
  • Naturally hyper: no caffeine or sugar, but +1 hour/day (+3 points)
  • Abstainer (no caffeine, no sugar) (+5 points)


  • Sidekick with you from the beginning (0 points)
  • Sidekick has to be recruited at level 9 (+2 points)

No skill can be permed this run. You can only perm skills in runs worth more than 1 mettle.

Verify: Yes, I really want to do this.

Back to the Future ... er, Past!

You set aside all of your equipment.

You activate the R.E.T.C.O.N. device by shoving your talisman inside.

What happens next is more like an explosion than anything. Perhaps an implosion. Possibly both. Being wrenched through time and space is far worse than you'd imagined it could be, and honestly you'd expected it to be pretty bad. There's a storm of colors, a chiaroscuro of light and dark, some deep elemental reconfiguration of nearly every molecule in your body.

To your chagrin, you feel things slipping away. Some of your strength, your intellect, your superhuman reflexes. Your endurance and vitality are drained away, leeched out into the ether. Your mind, going backwards, suffers the same fate. Facts, faces, techniques, blink out like lights. You hold tight to your very core, before even that is lost, but almost everything else goes.

It's a miracle you survive. You are left empty and drained, not much more than a talisman and a hollow shell. There's a terrible sense that something is wrong. You remember an imminent danger, the whole city at risk, but the details are gone. You're not even sure what you're doing here on the street, or why you hurt so much. Did you go out patrolling? Did a thug jump you and beat you up?

The story sounds familiar. That must have been it. Yeah, sure, you remember now. There was a fight, and then you found this talisman, and now you're a real superhero.

If you are restricted from using your sidekick:

All this comes back to you, and you open your eyes. You turn for a moment, as if to say something to a constant companion, and realize nobody is around. It's strange, but you can't shake the feeling that someone is supposed to be here with you.

If you are not restricted from using your sidekick:

All this comes back to you, and you open your eyes. You find a vaguely familiar woman/robot/man leaning over you, who asks nervously, "Are you all right?" You assure woman[sic?]/it/him that you're okay. The woman/robot/man says she/it/he was on the way to an audition at a theater downtown, when she/it/he found you. There's something you like about this actor, and the sense of familiarity is overwhelming, so you share your story and readily accept when she/it/he offers to be your understudy.

You have forgotten all of your previous non-permed skills. However, you acquire a new skill: <Skill>

You acquire another new skill: <Skill>

For your valiant efforts the last time around, Susan decorated you (literally) with some medals of honor.

You got an item: N metal medals of mettle Medal-of-mettle.gif

You find yourself wrapped in some kind of protective foil, like those first aid blankets. This looks like it's made out of real gold, though. You fold up the foil.

You got an item: M sheets of gold foil Gold-foil.gif

You also find the most basic of gear: a weapon and some pajamas to keep you warm.

You got an item: <weapon>

You got an item: <pajama>

You find yourself on the street in Somerset. What would you like to do?