Moon Over Twilight, Brutes Over Downtown

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1. Visiting Twilight Police Department after reaching level 12 and completing the level 11 quest gets you:

Rand looks up from his desk, a little surprised to see you, "Hey there, kid. Um... look... you know, I didn't want to bother you so soon after everything in Hyde Park, but the thing is, we're completely outclassed here. I know you've mentioned there's some late-night 'talent' activity on the rooftops downtown, but recently everything has gone completely haywire. We've got giant muscle men running around everywhere, really making a mess of the place. A few good men have already gotten hurt trying to investigate the situation, so at this point you're our only hope."

This adds the following journal message:

Rand mentioned the rooftops over downtown Twilight have descended into chaos. You better get over there and see what's going on!

2. Go patrol the rooftops of downtown to get Like Muscle Beach Without the Beach.

3. Continue to patrol the rooftops of downtown until you receive Go Jump a Building. Your journal will say:

The trouble downtown has led you to another location, WoDo, where the brutes seem to be congregating. There's a suspicious shack that appears to be at the center of the activity. You'll either have to charge in with guns blazing or find a way to sneak in.

4. Proceed to Tiny's Shack and upon either successfully blending in or defeating the massive brute you will gain access to Camp Training Camp. Your journal will say:

The brutes seem to be originally ... um, originating ... from a training camp in the mountains. You'll have to work your way through the masses of brute villains if you want to have a showdown with the bosses.

5. Proceed to Camp Training Camp and continue patrolling until you:

Unlock and defeat the Master of Trainees
Unlock and defeat the Master of Veterans
Unlock and defeat the Head Trainer

6. Equip the red cape,greased bowling shoes, and portable hole. Now it is time to go see the Crash Brothers and put an end to this quest.

7. Visit Twilight Police Department and Rand will say:

"Wow, that was some pretty impressive work, kid." Rand's clearly quite pleased with your work. He goes on for quite awhile about how they needed a couple semis and cranes to haul out the Crash Brothers, but that everyone's real happy with the outcome. They weren't able to fully clean up the camp, but the remaining thugs are too disorganized to pose any real threat any more, so that's good to hear. As he's wrapping up, he frowns a little, "Still, though ... I gotta say that distributing powerful 'magic' items just to make trouble doesn't sound like something a thug would do. I'll have some of the rookies do a little digging and see what they can come up with. I bet there's more to this than there seems to be." With that ominous statement, he thanks you again and waves you out of his office.

The following message will be added to the Completed Quests section of your journal:

The Crash brothers are in prison, the brutes making a mess of downtown have at least retreated to WoDo and settled down a bit, and while Camp Training Camp still exists, it's in chaos without its leadership. Not bad, when all is said and done.