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Item Number: 1283
Description ID: 4823837
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gold foil
Plural: sheets of gold foil
This is a large-ish sheet of gold foil. Since it's made of gold, it's pretty valuable. Just don't let it get it anywhere near your great ambitions ... unless you want them to be foiled again.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 400

How Obtained

Start a new retcon

Other Uses


  • On your first retcon you get one gold foil. On further runs you get a number dependent on the difficulty of the run just finished, according to the formula floor((difficulty+1)/4).
  • Completing Moon Over Twilight, Brutes Over Downtown gives a bonus foil on your next retcon.
  • Items created from gold foil cannot be disassembled.

Assemble summary table

assemble with result type requirement effect
baseball cap filigreed foil hat Helmet +3 weapon damage
+3 spell damage
bicycle racing bike Transportation +5 to initiative
range 2
denim jacket gold-plated poncho Shirt +2 PP per turn
denim pants gilded leggings Pants +2 HP per turn
your little friend recoil foil rifle Ranged weapon Level 5 +10% to hit
+10% dodging ability
digital rapier foil foil Melee weapon Level 4 +10% to hit
+10% dodging ability
seventh of nine embossed emblem Accessory Level 4 +4 XP per turn
3% chance to stun opponents
fish whiskas goldfish whiskas Accessory Level 4 +7%item drops
royal crown foyal crown Helmet Level 8 +7 XP per turn
+20% base metal drops
sturdy boots stamped boots of stamping Boots Level 7 Attacker takes 6 damage
+2 damage absorption
work gloves goldfinger gloves Gloves Level 6 +8% chips
blank white card gold gift card Miscellaneous Item Can be redeemed for 600 chips.
comically oversized key key to the city Miscellaneous Item Create a new League
Add +1 Prestige to your current League
pile of bricks foil's gold bricks Miscellaneous Item ends combat without costing time