Merit Badges

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All merit badges are gained by satisfying some requirement, and then visiting the Heroes' Guild.

Badge Image Image name Requirement
Heroic Recycler Reduce-and-reuse-first.jpg reduce-and-reuse-first Transmogrifying 20 times
From Dusk 'Til Dawn Sun-go-up-sun-go-down.jpg sun-go-up-sun-go-down Patrol until 6:30 AM
Crystal Collector Mmm-thats-good-cosmic-karma.jpg mmm-thats-good-cosmic-karma Collect 333 cosmic crystals
Coffee Snob Nothing-but-kopi-luwak.jpg nothing-but-kopi-luwak Drink 72 fancy lattes
Joltin' Joe Sombrero Left-and-gone-away.jpg left-and-gone-away Use 56 baseball bats
Pinball Wizard Getafirstlife-dot-com.jpg getafirstlife-dot-com Level each game in the Virtual Reality Gaming Center to bracket 10
Delayed Gratification Twice-as-nice.jpg twice-as-nice Level up twice in a row without leaving the Heroes' Guild
"Impossible" Badge
Talk About an Old Timer You-alpha-believe-it.jpg you-alpha-believe-it Be an alpha tester (no longer obtainable)
Really Out to Sea Think-im-a-banana-tree.gif think-im-a-banana-tree Have exactly 51 playing cards in your inventory
Tremors Are My Friend Seismic-raspberry.jpg seismic-raspberry Collect 500 S.U.I.T. points
Two Bits Times Two Golden-oldie.jpg golden-oldie Reach level 50
Lazy Boy and the Recliner I-am-sofa-king.jpg i-am-sofa-king Rest more than 210 minutes in one day
I Have a Bridge to Sell You Think-this-badge-is-about-you.gif think-this-badge-is-about-you Donate for 11 straight days to the Snowflake Leader Board
The Badge of the Wicked Weeeeh-weeeeh-weeeeh.gif wheeeh-weeeeh-weeeeh Wear Droog costume with Moped
Brontosaurus Bully‎ Dinosaur-in-a-haystack.jpg dinosaur-in-a-haystack Collect 200 red claws and 200 red teeth
Where's the party? What-no-cake.gif what-no-cake Having at least 1200 minutes of Mechapinata!!
National Lampoons Some-town-in-maryland.gif some-town-in-maryland Choose "Exit stage center" in the non-combat Intermission a total of 20 times
Quite the Bulldozer Six-half-tons-and-what-do-you-get.gif six-half-tons-and-what-do-you-get Remove 6000 pounds of rock from the rubble field (no longer obtainable)
Currently Unknown
Month of Mayhem Thirty-days-hath-september.gif thirty-days-hath-september Play at least 29 days (4w 1d) of in-game time
Skin of the Teeth Those-are-razor-thin-margins.gif those-are-razor-thin-margins Win five fights with 1 HP left at the end
More than One Way to Hunt a Bounty Quicker-picker-upper.gif quicker-picker-upper Have 50 or more damage absorption
Whirlwind Tour Around-and-around-it-goes.gif around-and-around-it-goes Complete a run in ≤ 32hrs.
Emperor's New Badge Clear.gif clear Be invisibly-equipped
That Old Trope Again? One-man-cannot-summon-the-future.gif one-man-cannot-summon-the-future Fight your evil twin 20 times
Grandmaster of Retcon You-say-checkmate-i-say-checkmate.gif you-say-checkmate-i-say-checkmate Have a full chess set (king, queen, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, 8 pawns) in your Memento Display
Sybil I-gotta-reputation-lots-of-them.gif i-gotta-reputation-lots-of-them Have each Reputation at least once in your Retcon history
Rogue Ranch Repeated Redux Once-twice-four-times-a-hero.gif once-twice-four-times-a-hero Create a Quizzically Quivering Quadraphonic Quad-Quadrant
This Lousy Badge You-omicron-believe-it.gif you-omicron-believe-it Be a beta tester (no longer obtainable)
Mettle Gear Solid I-always-died-on-the-first-screen.gif i-always-die-on-the-first-screen Have a Supersolid mettle medal equipped
The White Badge Elephant-in-my-pajamas.jpg elephant-in-my-pajamas Defeat 20 evil velour elephants (no longer obtainable)
Evil Moustache This-cant-possibly-be-good.gif this-cant-possibly-be-good Have all Static Villains and Wandering Villains item drops in your Memento Display.
Give 'em a Hand Golf-clap-for-heroes-at-work.jpg golf-clap-for-heroes-at-work Trade in 15 the other other hand
+1000 Points Thousand-points-for-Ravenclaw.jpg thousand-points-for-Ravenclaw  ???
Four, Four, Four, Four Heroes in One Sixtyeightdude.jpg sixtyeightdude Perm all class skills
Talismaniac Horribleblackvoid.gif horribleblackvoid Complete five retcons with five different non-class Talismans equipped
Utility Badge Obviousborgjoke.gif obviousborgjoke. Have Somber's Fedora, Ever-Dim Halter, Shade's Cargo Pants, Dusk's Baton, and the Futility Belt equipped
The Most Interesting Badge in the World Stayfrostymyfriends.gif stayfrostymyfriends Complete an heirloom run inheriting the most interesting item in the world and then start another run
Ionic Science Likeanionstormonyourweddingday.gif likeanionstormonyourweddingday Having Ionic Bondage skill permed and with 10 Skill-point.gif skill points invested.
Candy Sovereign Trickertreatersoldierspy.gif trickertreatersoldierspy Having the Brick Intestine, Hungry like the Wolf Pup, It's Placebo Effective!, and Spitting Lightning effects active.
Ice Cubed Tothethirdpower.gif tothethirdpower Complete three heirloom retcons inheriting the novelty ice cube tray
XXIIIrd Time's a Charm Tisbutxxiiiscratches.jpg tisbutxxiiiscratches Defeat 23 stabbing stagehand
Knight of the Old Stuff Forgeandthefold.gif forgeandthefold  ???
This Badge is so Meta Iheardyoulikebadges.jpg Iheardyoulikebadges  ???
Enter Initials 3,333,360.gif 3,333,360 Score higher than 90,000 points in a Too Hard retcon
Amateur Vulcanologist Thewatersfine.gif thewatersfine  ???
The Soul Gazes Back Thirdactor.gif thirdactor Facing Sophocles having the Sophocle's bifocles equipped.
Cyberpsychologist Zomszomsinthedeep.gif zomszomsinthedeep Perm all 8 of the skills from bosses in Shiloh Sanatarium sub-zones
Christmas Classics Kingofchristmastown.jpg kingofchristmastown Complete an Heirloom Retcon inheriting a Christmas gift?
Eternal Grit Falsedarkness.gif falsedarkness  ??
Dashing Hat Trick Hunttheburninator.gif hunttheburninator Complete Hero Dash 3 times.