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Time to jump onto the bandwagon. Iunno what to say here, but here goes...

Characters: Valera [#8032], Herself [#8912], Chastity [#1410#]
I belong to: Over [#9000] (Yes, he wanted the account.)
Gender: Female
Goal: Unknown. Simply to be.
Personality: 41% heart, 41% spade, 18% diamond, -500% club. Intolerant of stupidity, sarcastic, enjoys drama. Dislikes people as a whole.
Notable Accomplishments: Devouring the souls of the innocent.
Notes: Breaking Chat bots, one by one.
Apparently stalked by Malk-a-mite.

How to obtain IDs

A) Through a listbox source. Assemble, Weld, Send Message, Combat Items, Combat Skills, Buff Skills, Noncombat Skills are all candidates.
B) Through Wear Item source. Every equippable item will have a line of wear.php?equip=###&pwd=Blahblahblah. The equip # is the item ID. The pwd is for session checking. [May work for things that the above don't work. IE: Ham Banner] Also. Use Item source. use.php?which=###&pwd=blahblahblah. [May be useful to determine for non-tradable consumable items.]
C) Sell item source. Works same way as a listbox, just it's a combobox [or did I get the two confused, and otherway around? Eh, who cares].
D) Auction House. To be exact, the link to each item is.. auctions-itemlist.php?itemID=### Really, if you have to ask what the item ID is at that point, there's no helping you. [May work for very expensive items that only a few exist, and are in the AH]
E) Radio buttons [like the Wok of Stars] or pretty much any place where you have to submit a choice. Multi-use, etc... If you have to tell it what item you want to interact, the source is likely going to show the item.

Spading Information

Below will be listed a growing list of encounters + item drops from the encounters, with no +item% chance or buffs on. Will be somewhat inaccurate until a rough encounter rate of 10K has been achieved. Keep in mind that with RNG involved, the variance that can happen is quite amazing. It should be within 10% of the value after 1K of each fight, and within 1% after 10K of each fight. Anything below 1K of each fight is not actually useful.
NEW NOTE: Enemies have HP variance. Only explaniation why 6 will kill a frisbee player once, but not the next fight.
Notes: There wont be any fractions within the item drop %, supposedily. Still, I will keep them there, to help make it closer and more accurate. Also, do not expect numbers to round to 5's or anything of that sort.

Your neighborhood
1070 thug - 271 hammer, 256 baseball bat [4-7 chips] [5 exp] Highest guaranteed known HP: 3 Killing damage range: 3-6
1073 pickpocket - 269 sneakers, 228 baseball [16-25 chips] [4 exp] Highest guaranteed known HP: 6 Killing damage range: 2-9
1129 big thug - 103 knife, 164 leather glove, 254 badly bent knife [6-9 chips] [7 exp] Highest guaranteed known HP: 9 Killing damage range: 8-11

Neighboring and neighborly neighborhood
38 road-enraged bike courier - 4 bike helmet, 4 biker boots, 6 gears [?-7-10-? chips] [?-5-? exp] hp = [5 < ?]-[? <= 9]
45 skateboarding teen - 3 firecracker, 7 skateboard [?-5-8-? chips] [?-7-exp] hp = ?-9-10-[? <= 12]
47 superultimate frisbee player - 11 cleats, 6 metal-rimmed frisbee [?-7-11-? chips] [?-6-? exp] hp = ?-6-[? <= 9]
36 elderly bowler - [?-6-9-? chips] [?-7-? exp] hp = ?-4-5-[? <= 9]


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

My Contributions