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Congrats! I noticed your change with my name in it, and I looked it over and saw the spading thing, couldn't figure out why you had said in my face lol. Then both 9002 and 9001 were in chat and I was like damn, we're over 9000? So I went and checked, way to go Val. - Satan

My recent changes

I don't think I'm quite sure as to which changes you are referring to that I've made. (I've been making a lot of changes recently.) I am more than open to doing something differently if it would benefit the Wiki. And I also agree that a lot of items don't "drop". "How obtained" would be a much better term for it. If I did put that there, that was my mistake; easily fixed. Also about the monsters, I'm not quite sure what you were referring to. If you could let me know which one(s), or how to do it differently, it would be much appreciated. Thanks! --Klown Slayer 09:19, 22 February 2008 (MST)